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  • Genius by Stephen Hawking
  • X: The Generation That Changed the World
  • The Great Human Race
  • Cesar To The Rescue S3
  • Explorer: Point of No Return
  • 1000 Days For The Planet S2
  • John Torode's Malaysian Adventure
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      Lockdown Compilation
      Newbies and Lifers

      In prison, seasoned convicts meet inexperienced newbies and violence determines status. The weak stand alone and no one knows what will happen next. Every inmate faces a choice, to play by the prison rules, or suffer the consequences.

    • Tonight

      • 20:00 HKT
        Seconds From Disaster
        Nagasaki- The Forgotten Bomb

        The use of the atomic bombs in World War II still excites controversy, particularly the necessity for the second bomb on Nagasaki.

      • 21:00 HKT
        Desperate Hours
        Desperate hours

        In this sobering yet thrilling episode of Desperate Hours we will take a look at some of the worst of the worst.

      • 21:30 HKT
        Desperate Hours

        Awesome manifestations of the fiery power locked deep within the Earth, Volcanoes are violent ruptures of the Earth’s surface, expelling molten lava, rocks, ash and toxic gases into the atmosphere.

      • 22:00 HKT
        Underworld, Inc.

        From cell phones to guns, cargo thieves cost the American economy over $30 billion a year. Fueling the robbery industry are countless numbers of people willing to buy at discount prices

      • 23:00 HKT
        Locked Up Abroad
        Backstabbed In Thailand

        This series profiling Western travelers who find themselves fighting for survival whilst being held captive in some the worlds most deadly regions.

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

Myanmar: Porters cross a bridge above a major tributary of the Irrawady on the last day of the... Photo of the day -  3 May 2016

3 MAY 2016

Myanmar: Porters cross a bridge above a major tributary of the Irrawady on the last day of the...

NG Studios/ Cory Richards

Videos of the Week

Echolocation video


Similar to how bats use sound to navigate in the dark Daniel uses a click sound to perceive the presence of objects.

Photos of the Week

Hyena Gangs photo

Hyena Gangs

Unique night vision and thermal cameras penetrate the darkness to reveal Africa's notorious hyenas hunting in their element....


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