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      Monkey Thieves
      Street Life

      As food offerings at Jaipur's Galta Temple dry up, Rani and Kamal are forced to leave their temple home and look for food on the streets.

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      • 20:00
        Strippers: Cars For Cash
        The Swinging 60s

        For the challenge this week the two teams go in search of a car from the 60s. Both teams find genuine motoring icons.

      • 21:00
        Bid & Destroy
        House-Fire To Fortune

        Brian arrives at a house that sustained a house fire.The site supervisor explains that the woman has taken what she wants, whatever is left is theirs.

      • 21:30
        Bid & Destroy
        Lake House Riches

        While Brian won the property with a bid that was lower than expected he is sure that the house will have some hidden gems in it.

      • 22:00
        Building Wild
        Backwoods Bus

        This week's client is Jeremy Pratico but he's a disaster at construction.

      • 23:00
        Ultimate Survival Alaska
        Climb From Hell

        After the loss of the Woodsmen, leg four begins with the cruel reminder that unexpected injuries could take anyone by surprise.

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

St Petersburg, Russia: Timothy King and Trevor Valle in front of mammoth skeleton at the Zoologic... Photo of the day - 28 July 2014

28 JULY 2014

St Petersburg, Russia: Timothy King and Trevor Valle in front of mammoth skeleton at the Zoologic...

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Videos of the Week

Echolocation video


Similar to how bats use sound to navigate in the dark Daniel uses a click sound to perceive the presence of objects.

Photos of the Week

Hyena Gangs photo

Hyena Gangs

Unique night vision and thermal cameras penetrate the darkness to reveal Africa's notorious hyenas hunting in their element....


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