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      Beyond Magic with DMC
      Burning Man

      Heading to Mexico, DMC enters the dark and often disturbing world of sorcery and witchcraft, among the oldest forms of magic.

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      • 20:00 HKT
        Zeb's River Journey Thailand
        Zeb's River Journey Thailand

        Zeb Hogan is on an adventure along Thailand’s mighty rivers and waterways to rediscover Thailand.

      • 21:00 HKT
        The Border
        Smoke Run

        In this episode of Border Wars, officers fight illegally crossing and unearth a payload of hundreds of pounds of marijuana.

      • 22:00 HKT
        Highway Thru Hell
        Ep 5

        A truck full of wine is sliced in half and all the bottles of liquor are scattered on the road. Howie is out on a limb and handles it all on his own.

      • 23:00 HKT
        Dirty Rotten Survival

        Dick, Dave and Johnny head to the Ten Thousand Islands of Florida and will be stranded on a deserted island with only 3 items of their choosing.

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Managing crocodiles in Jamaica

Crocodiles surround this beautiful island. Dr. Brady Barr and the University of Florida teach some capture techniques.

President Barack Obama swims above the colourful corals of Midway Atoll. The turning point of... Photo of the day - 23 January 2017

23 JANUARY 2017

President Barack Obama swims above the colourful corals of Midway Atoll. The turning point of...

Brian Skerry

Videos of the Week

Echolocation video


Similar to how bats use sound to navigate in the dark Daniel uses a click sound to perceive the presence of objects.

Photos of the Week

Hyena Gangs photo

Hyena Gangs

Unique night vision and thermal cameras penetrate the darkness to reveal Africa's notorious hyenas hunting in their element....


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