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Renowned photographer Reza and his teenage son journey from Beijing to Paris - 10,000 miles of adventure and discovery.  Traveling through some of the more remote places in the world, they roam through China's Wild West and cross the Tibetan Plateau into Mongolia and Turkey and stroll through bazaars where yak eyes are a delicacy and every color of silk is for sale.   From Buddhist Temples and old mosques to windswept steppes, they learn of empires, of the endurance of cultures -- and a whole lot about each other.


  • A Childhood Promise: Bejiing And Beyond
    World famous photographer Reza and his 15-year old son, Delazad, begin their journey of discovery in Beijing amid the heat and bustle.
  • A Childhood Promise: China's Heartland
    Spirituality threads through the travels at China's Wild West. Father and son stop by a lake, where Tibetans come to let the wind carry their prayers.
  • A Childhood Promise: In Genghis' Shadow
    Reza and Delazad travel through Inner Mongolia with Ayin, a great photographer documenting the vanishing culture of the last nomadic tribe of China.
  • A Childhood Promise: East Meets West
    In one of the most fearful episodes of the trip, Russian authorities question Reza and Delazad and force them to leave the train before reaching Baku.
  • A Childhood Promise: A Hero's Welcome
    Outside their windows, the train races past Bucharest, Budapest, Vienna, Strasbourg, and finally home to Paris and a hero's welcome.