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National Geographic Society
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Discover the Ancient Secrets behind the world’s most enduring – and infamous – structures, legends, and icons. Unearthing historical evidence and revealing new theories, the series features expert testimonials and dramatic recreations to separate the truth from the myth, while also painting a picture of the ancient lives that brought each of these fabled items into being.  

From well-known mysteries like whose face adorns the great sphinx to lesser known stories such as an intriguing manifesto on witch hunting and a self-proclaimed Messiah killed by the Romans before Jesus’ birth.


  • Ancient Secrets: Mystery of The Silver Pharaoh
  • Ancient Secrets: The Sphinx
  • Ancient Secrets: China's Lost Pyramids
  • Ancient Secrets: Cathedrals Decoded
    An international team of experts investigates how Gothic Cathedrals were built, and why some of the tallest fell down
  • Ancient Secrets: Witch Hunter's Bible
  • Ancient Secrets: Secrets of The Parthenon
  • Ancient Secrets: The Lost Ship Of Rome
  • Ancient Secrets: China's Ghost Army