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National Geographic Society
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  • Every Monday from Mar 5th at 11:00pm, 10:00pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Wild


Follow an international task force of cops and environmental activists from the U.S., Thailand and Australia on their mission to investigate and bust the illegal animal trade. Southeast Asia is a real hot spot for wildlife trafficking. Its at the center of a perfect storm of pervasive corruption and huge demand for ivory, prized animal parts and pets. Join this united task force, as agents from around the world go undercover to hunt down leaders of violent criminal syndicates that traffic in endangered animals.



  • Crimes Against Nature S1: Tiger Traffic
  • Crimes Against Nature S1: Good Cop, Bad Cop
    A joint international taskforce of undercover agents risks their lives by going on the hunt for Thailands top smugglers in illegal wildlife trade.
  • Crimes Against Nature S1: Exotics
    Follow and international task force of cops from the US and other countries on their mission to investigate and bust into the illegal animal trade.
  • Crimes Against Nature S1: The Ivory Trade
    Follow Steve Galster and his team go undercover and shut down traffickers of elephant ivory, and eventually bringing down the head of the crime.