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  • Every Thursday from Jan 5th @ 9:00pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo Adventure


This year, Rocco heads south, bringing us on a tour of the Amalfi coast in 3 exciting episodes as he visits old chums and
makes new ones. Staying on the Mediterranean, he takes in all the sights and sounds of the sea, not to mention the smell
of fresh ingredients that make the Amalfi coast a haven of regional cuisine.

Back in beautiful Florence, Rocco takes in all that the city has to offer, getting inspired by the sights and sounds of everyday
Florentine life. Always cooking fantastic dishes for his friends and family from his lofty apartment, Rocco has an appetite
for good company and new adventures. From an afternoon stroll through the Cascine market along the Arno River to a
day trip to San Miniato in search of the elusive truffle mushroom, theres never a dull moment in David Roccos Dolce Vita.


  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: Hunt for Funghi
    It’s fall and mushrooms are in season. Rocco shops for truffles at the local market, only to find that most of them are at the truffle festival in San Miniato. Determined for a taste of the exquisite mushroom, Rocco and his friend Marco embark on a journey to the quaint town, hoping to find their very own tartufo.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: The Sagra
    Rocco organizes a potluck feast in a nearby castle for his friends and family, asking everyone to bring their signature dishes - this way the cooking is not left to one person. Rocco learns that not everyone is sticking to the rules, including his sister Maria, who tricks him into cooking her dish.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: Maybe Baby
    It’s Gigi’s birthday and what better gift for a busy dad than a day of fun away from a hectic parenting schedule? Rocco and Nina play babysitters for Gigi’s two kids but the task turns out to be harder than they thought.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: Rocco Goes to Camp
    Rocco gets a frantic call from his sister, who runs a summer camp for kids. Enlisted as a camp counselor, he is going to teach the campers a few things about cooking but not before the camp grandmother shows him a thing or two in her kitchen.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: Room with a View
    Max, a friend from San Diego, returns as Rocco’s houseguest indefinitely. Determined to get Max settled in Florence, and not on his living room couch, Rocco takes Max apartment hunting, teaching him a few Italian etiquettes on the way.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: Italian superstition
    Rocco encounters a string of bad luck as he prepares a festive dinner. Between trying to find a costume, shopping for pumpkins and cooking for his friends, he gets a lesson in Italian superstition and as a result, learns the source of his misfortunes.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: Boys Night Out
    When Nina leaves on a day-trip to Rome, Rocco spends a relaxing day alone, checking out markets and making his favorite snacks. That is until his buddy Francesco swings by, convincing Rocco to spend a wild night with the boys.
  • David Rocco's Dolce Vita 2: Swept Away
    Rocco and Nina get the royal treatment on their vacation when they visit their old friend, Vincenzo Palumbo, who takes the couple out to sea. Cruising the Amalfi coast for fresh seafood, Rocco and Nina stop to check out the fiords of Furore, before getting a tour of Ravello by their generous host.