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New episodes premiere every Tuesdays at 9:30pm, starting 8 March.  Missed a previous episode? Catch back to back episodes starting from 9pm. Follow the lives of 14 young men from different backgrounds, coming together for the rite of passage that every Singaporean son must experience – Basic Military Training. Find out what it takes as they begin their journey through National Service and discover the stories of these real recruits, training to be soldiers.


  • Every Singaporean Son: 1
  • Every Singaporean Son: 2
  • Every Singaporean Son: 3
  • Every Singaporean Son: 4
  • Every Singaporean Son: 5
  • Every Singaporean Son: 6
  • Every Singaporean Son: Ep 3
    Field camp is no walk in the park for the recruits as their mental and physical strengths are pushed to breaking point.
  • Every Singaporean Son: Ep 4
    The recruits find out whether they have the makings of a leader as they go through the situational test and deal with the tactical challenges.
  • Every Singaporean Son: Ep 5
    Will the recruits be able to pass the final test and enter the command school?
  • Every Singaporean Son: Ep 6
    The Passing Out Parade at the end is an emotional affair - for both the proud parents of the recruits and the recruits themselves…
  • Every Singaporean Son: Ep 1
    We follow 14 recruits as they begin their transitions into military life.
  • Every Singaporean Son: Ep 2
    The recruits welcome a much needed respite from the heat as they head to the swimming pool for their physical training.
  • Every Singaporean Son: The Deep End
    Join a fresh batch of Officer Cadets as they embark on an arduous 38-week journey that will test their physical and mental limits.
  • Every Singaporean Son: Leading The Team
    Taking charge of their peers for the first time, the Officer Cadet’s leadership abilities will be put to the test.
  • Every Singaporean Son: Going Pro
    For the next part of their journey to become officers, the cadets of Bravo Wing, Officer Cadet School are posted to different specialized schools.
  • Every Singaporean Son: Man And Machine
    As part of their training to become Officers, the cadets not only have to work with sophisticated machines, they will have to master these machines.
  • Every Singaporean Son: Trial By Fire
    The journey to become officers takes our Officer Cadets overseas. Thrown into an unfamiliar environment and confronted with new challenges.
  • Every Singaporean Son: The Finish Line
    As the Officer Cadets come close to the finish line, they will have to go through a final test – pass and they will become Officers.