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    It may have been the most cataclysmic geologic event of the last 60 million years. The narrow, 400-mile-long Isthmus of Panama,...

  • Gallery show


    In an epic and ambitious quest for answers, a team of British, Canadian and American volcanologists are teaming up to carry out...

  • City of Ants show

    City of Ants

    How do millions of simple creatures form a collective brain, make decisions and move like a single being? Enter the secret worl...

  • Under Water show

    Under Water

    From kayaking accidents to mighty powerful waves they survived underwater.

  • Danger in the Sky show

    Danger in the Sky

    Helicopters fail and skydiving adventures go terribly wrong.

  • Gallery show


    Sean Riley explores the work of gutsy, innovative scientists attempting the "world's toughest fix" yet: hacking Earth to drasti...

  • Photo Gallery show

    Photo Gallery

    Most likely, 250 Million years from now the Earth will once again be a Supercontinent, created as all the earth's land masses d...

  • Photo Gallery show

    Photo Gallery

    Ed puts park staffers Matt and Jason in charge of catching the "chicken killer"; but that's not the only animal Ed has his sigh...

  • The Inside: Pint-Sized Preachers show

    The Inside: Pint-Sized Preachers

    Meet three extraordinary children who are waging a war on the world's sinners in the name of Jesus. In Mississippi, Kanon Tipto...

  • Expedition Wild - Yellowstone Winter Gallery show

    Expedition Wild - Yellowstone Winter Gallery

    With the brutal extremes of winter looming, Casey Anderson treks deep into Yellowstones wild backcountry, braving severe cold, ...

  • Walking The Wall's Gallery show

    Walking The Wall's Gallery

    It's been said to be over 2000 years old and more than 4,000 miles long, but even today nobody really knows for sure. The Great...

  • Closed Community show

    Closed Community

    Their way of life is a mystery to many outside of their community.

  • Outback Animals show

    Outback Animals

    Chopper pilot and animal rescuer Matt Wright relocates animals.

  • Drug Subs show

    Drug Subs

    These sophisticated submarines are capable of carrying tonnes of drugs.

  • JFK Assassination show

    JFK Assassination

  • The Animal Fugitives Gallery show

    The Animal Fugitives Gallery

    Astonishing escapes and daring recoveries. Shocked witnesses and red-faced authorities. These story elements and more comprise ...

  • Standing Guard show

    Standing Guard

    For meerkats, it’s a dangerous world out there and someone always needs to stand guard.

  • Hitler's G.I. Death Camp show

    Hitler's G.I. Death Camp

    American GIs were held as prisoners of war in one of Hitler's most secretive slave labour camps

  • Return to the Jungle show

    Return to the Jungle

    Orphaned clouded leopards enter the jungle and their cat instincts emerge.

  • Elusive Jaguar show

    Elusive Jaguar