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  • The Setup show

    The Setup

    The perfect photograph takes more than talent: see the research, pain and frustration behind the scenes.

  • Heroin show


    Unmask heroin, the drug that can be life-threatening.

  • Ketamine show


    Ketamine is cheap, easy to get hold of and incredibly powerful.

  • Great White Shark show

    Great White Shark

    At up to 40 feet long and 20 tons, the largest fish in the sea lives entirely on the very tiniest of creatures.

  • Flying Foxes show

    Flying Foxes

    The little red flying fox of Australia sometimes form camps of over one million individuals.

  • Elephant Seals show

    Elephant Seals

    Male southern elephant seals, or bulls, must compete to earn the right to mate with an assembly of females.

  • Restrepo by Tim Hetherington show

    Restrepo by Tim Hetherington

    Award-winning photojournalist Tim Hetherington captures beauty, fear and pain in Korengal Valley, Afghanistan.

  • Shark Bait show

    Shark Bait

    Researchers fear a newest tourist craze may be upsetting sharks’ natural behavior.

  • Animal Movers show

    Animal Movers

  • Ape Man of Sumatra show

    Ape Man of Sumatra

  • Bird-Eating Catfish show

    Bird-Eating Catfish

  • Fire And Ice show

    Fire And Ice

  • EcoARK Pavilion show

    EcoARK Pavilion

    The EcoARK pavilion is built largely of recycled plastic bottles and is hailed as a benchmark for the future of green buildings.

  • Tiger Portraits show

    Tiger Portraits

    See dramatic tiger portraits and landscapes from South Africa's Tiger Canyons.

  • Tiger Man show

    Tiger Man

    John Varty is the Tiger Man. A South African conservationist and filmmaker, he specializes in big cats.

  • Lost on 9/11 show

    Lost on 9/11

    Follow the stories of those families who lost their loved ones on 9/11.

  • Perception vs. Brain Power show

    Perception vs. Brain Power

    Mind bending tests that are having these people scratching their heads.

  • Brain Power show

    Brain Power

    A look at the people and the challenges they put their brain power to work on.

  • Gallery show


    In an epic and ambitious quest for answers, a team of British, Canadian and American volcanologists are teaming up to carry out...

  • City of Ants show

    City of Ants

    How do millions of simple creatures form a collective brain, make decisions and move like a single being? Enter the secret worl...