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National Geographic Society
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  • Gok's Chinese Takeaway

  • Premieres August 19th at 9:20pm HKT, 8:20pm BKK/JKT
  • Nat Geo People


Gok Wan, the fashion star, harbours a secret wish - within the next few years, hell want to buy over his fathers take-away restaurant and turn it into something of his own. Itll serve fusion-Chinese food with pizzazz. However to fulfill that dream, Gok would first have to get past his father, an immigrant from Hong Kong and a purist in Chinese cuisine. Having grown up in the only Asian family on his street in Leicester, Gok believes that there is more to his take of modern Chinese food than his fathers rigid vision. His dad says go see what other remote
Chinese communities are doing with their Chinese food.
So Gok sets off to visit Chinese communities around the globe to discover their take on Chinese food outside of China. Is their view of Chinese cuisine as strict as his fathers? Or have they immersed into their new localities so completely that theyve created a distinct flavour? And what will Goks journey into the Chinese diaspora help him discover his own identity?
From the UK to the Caribbean through to the Indian Ocean and Southeast Asia, Gok will meet people who take him on food adventures and spark off ideas of creating Chinese style" food without the quintessential Chinese ingredients. He will come off with concrete ideas of creating food that best reflects his personality and Chinese heritage