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Discover Interpol: low profile, high impact.

Interpol is a unique player in law enforcement, a voluntary global alliance that traces its roots to 1923 when Vienna's chief of police gathered his counterparts in 20 countries to share crime tips and expertise.

Today, Interpol is a low profile, high impact organization. The one hundred and eighty-one member countries assist each other voluntarily in international investigations. Run by experienced law enforcement officers from around the world, the men and women of Interpol often work day-to-day in their own country's police forces. When the need arises, they act on behalf of Interpol and dedicate their efforts to international cooperation in law enforcement. When criminals cross borders, Interpol is there.


  • Interpol Investigates: Betrayed
    In 1985,DEA agents are arrested for selling drugs.Garcia escapes police & Interpol is brought in to capture the fugitive, trapping him finally.
  • Interpol Investigates: Body Double
    After stealing millions from his clients & colleagues,Albert Walker flees Canada,taking his daughter.Interpol finally track him to a English village.
  • Interpol Investigates: Dangerous Company
    Dubbed the 'modern-day', Nova Guthrie & Craig Michael Pritchert were arrested in South Africa after 6 luxurious years on the run from police.
  • Interpol Investigates: Deadly Traffic
    Track the Juarez drug cartel's ringleader,Amado Carrillo Fuentes,through Mexico and South America in a tale of violence,intimidation and corruption.
  • Interpol Investigates: Fatal Compulsion
    Ira Einhorn killed his girlfriend in Philadelphia in the late 1970's and then vanished. Find out how Interpol finally tracked him to France.
  • Interpol Investigates: Lethal Obsession
    In 1985 Derek & Nancy are murdered in their Bedford County,Virginia home.Interpol tracks the killers across Europe & Asia to their final capture.
  • Interpol Investigates: Missing Link
    Discover the social circumstances that offer safe havens to criminals & how cooperation between governments leave terrorists with fewer places to hide
  • Interpol Investigates: Rising Sun
    See how Mireille Balestrazzi's relentless pursuit of art thieves led to her eventual appointment to the executive committee of Interpol itself.
  • Interpol Investigates: Stealing History
    Discover how Scotland Yard,Interpol and Egyptian Antiquities Police tracked down art smuggler Jonathan Tokeley-Parry and brought him to justice.
  • Interpol Investigates: Terror in the Skies
    Follow the FBI and Interpol as they track the terrorist responsible for hijacking Egypt Air Flight 648 in 1985,after his release from a Malta prison.
  • Interpol Investigates: The Serpent
    Charles Sobhraj was a serial killer who preys on Westerners travelling in S.E.Asia in 70s.Interpol was the only strategy that brought him to justice.
  • Interpol Investigates: Tracks of a Stalker
    Meet Tinkerbelle the orphaned hippo that arrived at the sanctuary when she was one day old.Brian's team tends to her every need in the bush of Africa.