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It's Predator vs. Prey Like Theyve Never Been Seen Before. For the first time ever, brand-new advances in Video-Based Motion Capture and 3D Motion Tracking technology allow a groundbreaking look inside the bodies of animals in motion while they are performing real, natural behaviors at the most critical times: on the predatory razor's edge between life and death. It's the most iconic predator-prey imagery of all time  like it's never been seen before. Through dramatic and unprecedented Video-Based Motion Capture analysis of attack sequences, The Perfect Beast looks at both predator and prey to see how each is uniquely suited biomechanically to play their part in the food chain. Using state-of-the-art technology, archival footage is transformed into intricate 3D models that allow viewers to see animal action like never before. The Perfect Beast takes these sequences to a whole new level of understanding. Following  and building upon  the cutting-edge production of A&E's top-rated Crime 360, Discovery Channel's XMA: Xtreme Martial Arts, National Geographic's pioneering "Fight Science", and FSN's groundbreaking new series "Sport Science", The Perfect Beast offers the greatest collection of visual tools, technology and expertise ever gathered to study the secrets and bust some myths of the most critical moment of animal motion and behavior  attack and defense. Its "Fight Science for Animals"…and a whole lot more. This Time, Theres No Studio Laboratory Just Dramatic Filmed Sequences, Scientists Re-Inventing the Use of Archival Footage, and Stunning CGI Analysis.


  • iPredator: Great White
    The great white shark, is locked in a battle for survival with the Cape fur seal which are difficult to capture.
  • iPredator: Polar Bear
    Polar bear versus seal, a classic predator/ prey match up like it's never been seen before.
  • iPredator: Cheetah
    Cheetah, the fastest animal on the planet, has had the antelope in its sights but needed to develop more weapons than just her speed.
  • iPredator: Crocodile
    The Nile crocodile's design was advanced from the start that they survived when their close relatives, the dinosaurs, died.
  • iPredator: Lion
    Lion versus buffalo...a classic predator and prey match up like it's never been seen before; from the inside out; all through the eyes...of iPredator.
  • iPredator: Killer Whale
    With sophisticated levels of teamwork, orcas execute some of the boldest hunting strategies in the animal kingdom - the ocean.