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  • Bear Nomad show

    Bear Nomad

    Brace yourself for the ride of a lifetime as bear researcher, adventurer and conservation ecologist Chris Morgan takes us on a...

  • Wild Case Files show

    Wild Case Files

    In Dumbarton, Scotland, a journalist uncovers a sixty-year history of dogs jumping to their death from a fifteen meter bridge....

  • Python Hunters show

    Python Hunters

    Over ten thousand Burmese pythons are living and breeding out of control in the Florida Everglades. They have no natural...

  • Outback Wrangler show

    Outback Wrangler

    Crocodiles attacking cattle. Feral buffalos running rampant. Elephants damaging plantations. More than ever, human and animal...

SCHEDULE - SHOWTIMES FOR March 23 - March 29

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Built For The Kill 5:
Grizzly Bear
Visit Site Python Hunters: Deadly Down UnderDeadly Down UnderThe hunters continue their Australian road trip. Their mission: To get up close and... Visit Site Caught in the Act: Tiger ShowdownTiger ShowdownExperience incredible animal behaviour filmed by amateur and professional cameramen... Visit Site World's Deadliest: TransformersTransformersFrom fooling their prey or simply letting it fly, these animals do anything it takes...19:45
Kingdom of the Apes:
Clash of Kings
Killer Shrew
Mystery of The Lynx
Wild Survivor:
Frozen Odyssey
Yukon Vet:
Here Comes Cari-Boo-Boo
Visit Site Ultimate Animal Countdown : VenomVenomWe're analysing the venom of ten lethal injections, counting down to find the creature...20:40
Animal Fight Club:
Coyotes, Crabs, Eagles
Wild Canada:
Ice Edge
Wild India (aka Secrets of Wild India):
Desert Lions
Fur Seals: Battle For Survival
Visit Site Wild Case Files: Montauk MonsterMontauk MonsterA Team of investigators unravel the mystery of a strange alien-like creature that... Visit Site Outback Wrangler: Wild Horse BustWild Horse BustUnchecked, horses, known as Brumbies, have become such a pest to the environment and... Visit Site World's Deadliest: Nature's Most WantedNature's Most WantedThis episode welcomes viewers to the deadly world of the most armed and dangerous...21:35
Mystery of The Lynx
72 Dangerous Animals Australia:
Brutal Bites
Visit Site Wild Mississippi: Raging WatersRaging WatersAs spring breaks along the Mississippi, melting snow and ice create a flood of epic...21:35
Killer Shrew
Animal Underworld:
Fatal Obsession
Visit Site Killer Shots: Great White AmbushGreat White AmbushAndy Casagrande heads to the waters off the coast of South Africa to film his...22:30
World's Deadliest GPU:
Eight Legged Killers
Visit Site Predator CSI: Killer FogKiller Fog1,700 people are killed, and the entire wilderness around them is left lifeless…22:30
Killer Shrew
Visit Site World's Deadliest: TransformersTransformersFrom fooling their prey or simply letting it fly, these animals do anything it takes...22:30
World's Weirdest: Animal Taboo:
Friends With Benefits