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  • Maneater Manhunt show

    Maneater Manhunt

    In each of the action packed hours, Gordon Buchanan is on a personal and dangerous mission to really investigate a maneater—an...

  • Wild Case Files show

    Wild Case Files

    In Dumbarton, Scotland, a journalist uncovers a sixty-year history of dogs jumping to their death from a fifteen meter bridge....

  • Monster Fish show

    Monster Fish

    In his quest to save the world's big fish, aquatic ecologist Zeb Hogan has wrangled what's currently the world's biggest known...

  • Ultimate Animal Countdown  show

    Ultimate Animal Countdown

    Ultimate Animal Countdown is the ultimate search for the most amazing animals on the planet.   Each episode explores one of...

SCHEDULE - SHOWTIMES FOR February 12 - February 18

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Visit Site World's Weirdest: OdditiesOdditiesStunning mutations, shocking survivors and freakish feats, all caught on film. World's...19:45 HKT
Wild 24:
South Seas: Battle For Life
19:45 HKT
Secret Life of Predators:
Visit Site
Maneater Manhunt: Lion AttackLion AttackGordon travels to Tanzania, where lions have attacked over 1000 people in the past 20...
20:40 HKT
Extreme Animal Babies:
Family Fighters
20:40 HKT
The Invaders:
Bed Bug Doomsday
Visit Site World's Deadliest: When Prey AttacksWhen Prey AttacksEven the king of the jungle can be a victim in the wild - the tables can be turned on... Visit Site
Wild Case Files: Bird-Eating CatfishBird-Eating CatfishWild Case Files investigates three mysteries from the natural world: A mysterious...
21:35 HKT
Unlikely Animal Friends:
The Wild Bunch
21:35 HKT
Snakes In The City:
Ep 1
Visit Site Ultimate Animal Countdown : DaredevilsDaredevilsSome animals put their lives on the line every day; not for fun – but survival....21:35 HKT
Primal Survivor WILD:
Blistering Heights
Visit Site Savage Kingdom: Uprising: First BloodFirst BloodNeo must prepare for life as a solitary assassin, but his future hangs in the balance.22:30 HKT
South America Untamed
Visit Site Monster Fish: Freaks of NatureFreaks of NaturePrepare to get weird with some seriously strange monster fish as Zeb is on a mission...22:00 HKT
Primal Survivor WILD:
Hazen vs. the Volcano
Visit Site
Monster Fish: Colossal CatchesColossal CatchesTake a tour around the world as Zeb is counting down his top ten biggest, toughest and...