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  • Hidden Worlds show

    Hidden Worlds

    The natural world is home to remarkable landscapes and creatures of unusual behaviour.In all corners of the Earth… the...

  • How Big Can It Get show

    How Big Can It Get

    A snarling 200 pound Komodo dragon. Pythons large enough to swallow an adult whole. Crocodiles that reach a staggering 25 feet...

  • Animal Mega Moves show

    Animal Mega Moves

    How do you move monstrous mammals, enormous elephants, restless rhinos, hefty horses and speedy sharks?  You call in the...

  • Wild Thailand show

    Wild Thailand

    Thailand is a land of incredible beauty with more than 50 protected national parks accounting for nearly 10% of the country's...

SCHEDULE - SHOWTIMES FOR October 27 - November 2

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Visit Site Predators in PerilPredators In PerilSet in South Africa's Mala Mala game reserve, Shera is the pride's matriarch and she...19:45
Pond Stars:
Welcome To The Jungle
World's Deadliest: Jaws & Sins:
7 Deadly Sins
Visit Site World's Deadliest Animals: AmazonAmazonThe Amazon's jungles reverberate with growls and grunts of creatures hidden in the... Visit Site Monster Fish: Mekong MysteryMekong MysteryZeb Hogan travels to Khone Falls in Laos looking for the ultimate fish superhighway to...19:45
Wild Canada:
Ice Edge
Visit Site
Animal Mega Moves: SharksSharksSpecialist animal movers attempt to fly a pair of ferocious silvertip sharks from...
Visit Site Killer Shots: Lion StalkerLion StalkerAndy Casagrande is in the Serengeti, racing to film lions and cheetahs on the hunt and...20:40
Expedition Grizzly
Caught In The Act GPU Reversions:
Strange And Savage
Visit Site Killer Shots: Great White AmbushGreat White AmbushAndy Casagrande heads to the waters off the coast of South Africa to film his...20:40
Wild Caribbean's Deadly Underworld:
Wild Caribbean's Deadly...
Visit Site
Hidden Worlds: Australia's Dingo IslandAustralia's Dingo IslandFraser Island is a World Heritage area, a spectacular wilderness of beautiful lakes...
Visit Site
Wild Thailand: A Land of Beauty And...A Land of Beauty And Incredible ContrastsIn this first episode we follow the courtship and mating rituals of the great...
Visit Site Animal Mega Moves: SharksSharksSpecialist animal movers attempt to fly a pair of ferocious silvertip sharks from... Visit Site Strike Force: Venom QuestVenom QuestTwo scientists are on a mission to collect venom from some of the ocean's deadliest... Visit Site Python Hunters: Stalking The AnacondaStalking The AnacondaThe PYTHON HUNTERS protected Florida from invasive Burmese pythons, lizards, and iguanas.21:35
72 Dangerous Animals Australia:
Tiny Terrors
Kingdom Of The Forest
Triumph Of Life:
Brain Power
Wild Canada:
Ice Edge
Visit Site World's Weirdest: Freaky All-StarsFreaky All-StarsWe've saved the best for last in this tour of the bizarre. The All-Stars of weirdness... Visit Site Swamp Men: Gator BreakoutGator BreakoutPiers Gibbon investigates the stories and hearsay about tribes which still practise...22:30
Hunter Hunted:
Return Of The Predator
Visit Site Mother CrocMother CrocWe witness the birth of crocodiles, see how caring the mothers are, and how the little...22:30
Wild Canada:
Ice Edge
Visit Site
How Big Can It Get: CroczillaCroczillaA recent discovery suggests that the saltwater crocodile could get a whole lot bigger....
Kingdom of The Oceans:
Giants of The Deep