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  • Every Thursday from May 3rd at 9:00pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Go behind-the-scenes of some of the most unique production facilities on Earth.


  • Mega Factories: Ford F150
    The Ford F150 is built inside one of the company's most modern production facilities-the Dearborn Truck Plant in Michigan.
  • Mega Factories: Mack Truck
    It's over ten tons of chrome and steel packing 605 horsepower and a 200-ton towing capacity making it the most powerful trucks on the road today.
  • Mega Factories: BMW X3
    To keep up with the heavy demand, the BMW factory increased production by 50%, hired 1,000 new workers and purchased 300 additional robots.
  • Mega Factories: Lego
    Mega Factories: LEGO takes you behind the scenes as a real life police station turns into a playground for the imagination.
  • Mega Factories: Bacardi
    We travel to San Juan, Puerto Rico where family tradition and technology meet to create one of the world's most popular premium rums: Bacardi.
  • Mega Factories: Porsche Panamera
    A rare behind-the-scenes look at how Porsche builds the 'Panamera', the company's first four door high performance sports sedan.
  • Mega Factories: Frito Lay
    Using the most innovative processes in potato chip production, Frito Lay is a serious competitor in the chip market.
  • Mega Factories: Pyrotechnics
    Australia's Howard and Sons have been making fireworks for almost 100 years, now the reigns have been handed down and they are breaking with tradition.
  • Mega Factories: Extreme Roller Coaster
    This 60m high ride is only the 5th ever to be constructed. It's adrenaline fuelled tracks speed riders to over 100 kph over loops, drops and banks.
  • Mega Factories: Harley-Davidson
    Mega Factories takes you on a tour to Harley Davidson factories to witness the making of one of the most revolutionary Harley Davidson bike.
  • Mega Factories: Ducati
    We go inside the renowned Italian Ducati motorbike factory, with exclusive access to all areas go behind the scenes to see how Italian designers and engineers built the most sophisticated and technologically advanced motorbike to ever come out of the factory - the Multistrada 1200.
  • Mega Factories: Speed Rail
    We'll investigate Alstom's cutting edge speed technologies used to build their first very high speed commercial train, the TGV and see how Alstom has evolved this technology into their latest revolutionary very high-speed train, called the AGV (self-propelled high-speed train).
  • Mega Factories: Super Chopper
    The hand built AW139 is a state-of-the-art medium class helicopter made near Milan, Italy at the AgustaWestland Factory. Today the plant is thriving but 20 years ago it was struggling to survive.
  • Mega Factories: Maserati
    Visiting the Maserati Ultimate Factory, one of the most luxurious Italian supercar manufacturers in the world.
  • Mega Factories: Mercedes
    Visiting the Mercedes Ultimate Factories which showcase two of the most storied brands in the automotive world-The Maserati and the Mercedes Benz.
  • Mega Factories: The Mini Coupe
    Mega Factories Mini Cooper is a unique insight into the construction of Mini's brand new derivative.
  • Mega Factories: Tata Nano
    Sir Ratan Tata is a man on a mission: to make India's roads safer by getting people off motorbikes and into the world's cheapest car - the Tata Nano.
  • Mega Factories: Boeing 747
    In 2007 the mammoth Airbus A380 took the Boeing 747's crown for size and capacity - a record Boeing held for decades. Boeing wants its crown back.
  • Mega Factories: Michelin
    Their newest goal is to create a new type of tire that will actually increase fuel mileage on cars.
  • Mega Factories: MV Agusta
    Purchased by a father and son team, the company is now betting its future on a brand new motorcycle design.
  • Mega Factories: LearJet
    This is the construction story behind Learjet's top of the range 60XR - one of the world's most iconic private aircraft.
  • Mega Factories: Almarai
    Since 1977, Almarai has grown into the largest dairy producer in the Middle East. But keeping cows in the desert of Saudi Arabia is no easy task.
  • Mega Factories: Jaguar XJ
    How do you improve on 75 years of classic automotive history? Enter the Jaguar mega factory in Castle Bromwich, England as we uncover the design secrets that gave life to the new XJ.
  • Mega Factories: Swedish Super Car
    Adored by many and owned by few, Koenigsegg has definitely hit the streets to quickly become one of the greatest hyper cars in the world.
  • Mega Factories: Williams F1
    Megafactories is granted unprecedented access to elite Formula One team Williams F1.
  • Mega Factories: The Lotus Evora
    In this episode we take the viewer on a fascinating journey into one of the UK's most consistently cutting edge and influential manufacturers of high-performance sports cars: LOTUS.
  • Mega Factories: Mercedes Overhaul
    At the world's biggest truck plant, one of motor manufacturing's oldest companies faces the challenge of gearing up for the future.
  • Mega Factories: Armored Troop Carrier
    The Iveco Light Multirole Vehicle 4x4 truck, or LMV, was developed to reduce threats posed by improvised explosive devices and landmines and is designed to permit the installation of a cargo platform, an ambulance and a weapon carrier and is currently used in Afghanistan.
  • Mega Factories: Eurofighter
    Eurofighter Typhoon is the world's best multi role fighter jet. It's capable of reaching speeds of 2000 kilometers per hour, pulls up to 0 Gs, and it's built to kill.
  • Mega Factories: Swiss Army Knife
    The Swiss Army Knife may be the most ingenious multipurpose tool ever invented - and the most recognized.
  • Mega Factories: Guinness
    MEGAFACTORIES GUINNESS takes you behind the scenes of the biggest dark beer brewery in the world.