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National Geographic Society
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  • Every Thursday from Mar 15th at 9:00pm, 8:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel

    • Audi show


      Meet the famous car manufacturer and watch an elegant sedan transform into an amazing sports car.

    • Ikea show


      With over 10,000 items, IKEA is one of the largest factories in the world. Just how do they make that Billy Bookcase?!

    • Lamborghini show


      Take a trip to Italy to meet the “bad boy” of all sports cars!

    • Porsche show


      Each iconic 911 takes just 15 hours to build. How do they do that?!

    • Rolls Royce show

      Rolls Royce

      Introducing the Phantom! The next generation in ultra luxury automobiles.

    • NY Subway show

      NY Subway

      From Brazil to New York - witness the creation of the car that literally moves millions.

    • Swedish Design show

      Swedish Design

      Take a look at Koenigsegg’s one-of-a-kind supercar.

    • Eurofighter show


      The Eurofighter is the result of a truly European collaboration.

    • Meet the Players show

      Meet the Players

      Recognize these famous faces? These footballers and more are featured in the video game.

    • Game Creators show

      Game Creators

      Get a glimpse inside the EA Sports studios.

    • Mass Production show

      Mass Production

      From rum to cars to potato chips, see how popular products are mass produced.