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  • Sunday, May 6th @ 9:45am, 8:45am BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Come summer 2012, the eyes of the world will be focused on a sporting megastructure: London's Olympic Stadium - the centerpiece of the 2012 Games. By day it will be the venue for all track and field events, and by night, a dazzling stage for London's opening and closing ceremonies. But this isn't just a place where world records will be set. It's a milestone in sporting architecture. Designed to be different, Stadium 2012 is the world's first "demountable" Olympic Stadium. Bolted together like a giant Meccano set, the 80,000-seat arena can be taken apart and downsized to a 25,000-seat athletics venue after the games. But creating a stadium that's lighter and tighter is a massive undertaking, fraught with challenges. Will London have an Olympic arena to be proud of? Or will this go down in history as the stadium that failed to impress?
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