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National Geographic Society
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    • Decapitated show


      Was the mysterious headless body executed or sacraficed? The clue is in the burial.

    • Headless show


      A headless body is unearthed. Is there a connection between this headless body and these desert lines?

    • Mysterious Lines show

      Mysterious Lines

      What do a Killer Whale, a Spider and a Monkey have in common?

    • The Helicopter show

      The Helicopter

      The robotic helicopter builds a 3D photographic map of the mysterious Nasca Lines.

    • Sticks and Stones show

      Sticks and Stones

      Discover how these huge and mysterious shapes, taking days of labour in burning heat, were constructed.

    • Secrets Uncovered show

      Secrets Uncovered

      Immense lines carved into the ground covering hundreds of square kilometres. What do they mean?