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Heinrich Himmlers 17th-century ancestor was burned as a witch. Adolf
Hitler may have believed he himself was Jewish. Erwin Rommel deserted
the mother of his illegitimate child. Albert Speer was a pathological liar 
and it saved his life. The Führer pretended to be poor but amassed a huge private fortune. Hitler fascinated women and was fascinated by them;
especially the young and vulnerable. All these rigorously fact-checked
revelations throw a genuine new light on the nature of the Nazi regime…


  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Henchman
    Heinrich Himmler: SS national leader, chief of police, minister of the interior, and commander-in-chief Hitlers most powerful disciple remains an enigma even today. Why was he interested in the occult? What role did his mysterious lover play, with whom he led a double-life with for years? And was Himmler rather than Hitler responsible for ordering the mass murder of Jews? This film investigates new insights into this decisive question and seeks to unravel the mystery surrounding the person Heinrich Himmler.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Desert Fox
    Erwin Rommel, the 'Desert Fox' lived on as a legend beyond the regime he served. At the high point of his successes, his reputation alone seemed to be enough to replace entire divisions. But eventually his astonishing military successes were followed by crushing defeats. Towards the end of the war, a rift between him and the Führer emerged, ultimately resulting in a forced suicide covered up by a state burial.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Women
    Amazing new insights into Hitlers personal relationships with women and their role in his life are put under the spotlight in this film. Surprising, shocking and insightful, we find out about a largely unknown aspect of Hitlers life.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Architect
    Albert Speer was HItler's personal architect and successful armaments minister, who managed to convince the world of his innocence of the Holocaust. Over 30 years after his death, historians have unearthed documents proving that the "good Nazi" not only covered up his knowledge of the Holocuast, but also participated in the Nazi art theft.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Money
    For much of his time in power, Hitler propagated himself as a humble man of the people. In reality however he amassed a great fortune, often at the cost of the German people. Whether it was through generous donations from high-profile industrialists or by being exempt from paying taxes, Adolf Hitler's rise to power would not have been possible without his immense wealth.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Family
    Part of the cult around Hitler, forged and supported by the Nazi-propaganda machine, was the myth of the prophet who had seemingly come from nothing to make history. Hitlers true background and that of his family had no place in this image of the self-appointed national saviour. Hitler did all he could to conceal his colourful family background. Yet it continually threatened to expose the true nature of Hitler's roots, one that did not belong in the Aryan society he so envisioned.
  • Nazi Underworld: The Hess Enigma
    On the 17th of August 1987, Hitler's former deputy Rudolf Hess commits suicide in prison.
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  • Nazi Underworld: Patient Hitler
    Hitler's medical records have finally been found: x-rays, medical assessments, and a report about his use of cocaine.
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  • Nazi Underworld: The Ghost of U-513
    On the 19th of July 1943, a US patrol plane spots a German U-boat on the water surface. There is no time for the vessel to dive.
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