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West Africa is under attack. And the enemy isn't AIDS, Malaria, or war.

Hundreds of swarms--billions of locusts--are invading the region and devouring everything in sight. One swarm of desert locusts can eat about 80,000 tons of vegetation a day…enough to feed 200 million people. It's a plague that could rival biblical disasters. More massive than a tornado… more intense than a sandstorm… and more deadly than an earthquake. Under the withering assault of the locust swarms, a quarter of west Africa's crops could vanish. And that could mean millions will starve.


  • Perfect Swarm
    West Africa is under attack by the worst locust plague in nearly a generation,devouring everything in sight.
  • Perfect Swarm
    In 1875 trillions of insects stormed across Texas in a cloud some 1,800 miles long. And then, the Rocky Mountain locusts simply vanished.