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A group of eight tough guys covered in tattoos is coming to the rescue of New York's animals.

Eight guys on Harleys, tattooed head to toe, are coming to the rescue of New York's animals. Rescue Ink is all about zero tolerance when it comes to animal abuse – and they’re not afraid to get a little in-your-face to prove it. This group of tough guys will stop at nothing within the bounds of the law to save animals from desperate situations; they rescue fighting dogs, confront animal abusers, and investigate stolen animals. They are ex-firefighters, bodybuilders, hot rod mechanics and bouncers, and they're not afraid of using their brawn to bust the bad guys. Rescue Ink-knocking on an abuser’s door near you.


  • Rescue Ink: House Of Horror
    Rescue Ink joins the effort to stop a man that has been trapping, torturing and killing animals.
  • Rescue Ink: No Bull
    Rescue Ink receives some complaints about a breeder that may be selling sick puppies. Before they jump to conclusions, they need to do their research.
  • Rescue Ink: Pit Bull Killer
    The guys head to Philadelphia to hunt down the killer of a pit bull found tortured and hung in a schoolyard known for gang violence and dog fighting.
  • Rescue Ink: Rebels With A Cause
    Rescue Ink confronts a family about their dog Spike, whom they find living in squalid conditions.
  • Rescue Ink: Biting Back
    A Rottweiler must be rushed to the local vet for treatment. Yet, as his condition starts to improve, he demonstrates aggression.
  • Rescue Ink: In Your Face
    Rescue Ink heads to the home of a resident accused of harming cats and the conversation becomes heated when they find a box of pellet gun ammunition.