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ShowReal Asia features episodes about Asia, by Asia's top production companies.

ShowReal Asia features episodes about Asia, by Asia's top production companies, and cover programming genres including: natural world, natural phenomena, adventure & exploration, science, culture, anthropology and archaeology.


  • ShowReal Asia: Mumbai Mega Flood
    Millions of people are under siege by freak weather. Find out how the world's 6th largest city, Mumbai, was brought to a grinding halt?
  • ShowReal Asia: Operation Hot Pursuit
    Join Vivek's journey in fighting against organized wildlife crime & poachers in India to expose undercover investigations & nab poachers.
  • ShowReal Asia: World Cyber Games
    South Korea is the only country where computer gamers can make a living. Who will be the best gamer in the world and claim the US$500,000 prize?
  • ShowReal Asia: Asia's Titanic
    Through first hand accounts of survivors and rescuers, archival footage, photos and a re-enactment of the collision, we unfold the Dona Paz tragedy.
  • ShowReal Asia: World's Biggest Casino
    Join us in the construction of the world's biggest casino in Macau which attracts a mega-crowds of 76,000 people on the first night.
  • ShowReal Asia: Hong Kong's Big Bet
    We explore Hong Kongers obsession with horse-racing and other big bets.Who are the people running the racing monopoly?
  • ShowReal Asia: Brat Camp China
    Witness the products of China's one child policy. We captured the life of 4 sutdents on how they cope with their emotions in this difficult journey.
  • ShowReal Asia: Bettle Battles: Kwang Bang
    In Thailand,beetle fighting is one of the great legacies of the Lanna Kingdom.From the Wild Side to Ring Side,these warriors show the fighting spirit.
  • ShowReal Asia: Guardians of Angkor
    Follow Dr Charles Higham & Sokhorn Sin as they travel into landmine territory in Northern Cambodia for a unique chance to explore Angkorian temples.
  • ShowReal Asia: Samurai Spiders
    The people in Southern Japan have harnessed spider warrior skills to create one of the world's strangest martial arts.
  • ShowReal Asia: The Great Indian Witch Hunt
    Villagers are conducting witch-hunts, women suspected of witchcraft are beaten and murdered.Sohaila seeks out the accusers and the accused in India.
  • ShowReal Asia: Gerbil Plague
    Discover how a massive army of gerbils has been digging and threatening farmers in the northwest of China.
  • ShowReal Asia: Strictly Asian Ballroom
    Slither onto the dance-floors of Asia with us to find out the 3 uniquely modern faces; ultra-rich, ultra-poor, and ultra-weird.
  • ShowReal Asia: World's Busiest Port
    Visit the port for more than 1,000 ships loaded with cargo,123 countries,6 continents,moving at the pace of 1 ship every 2 to 3 minutes.
  • ShowReal Asia: Hyper Rescue Tokyo
    See some of the most advanced gadgets and equipment used by the elite Hyper Rescue team in response to the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake.
  • ShowReal Asia: Kick Fighters
    K1World Max Championship is one of the world's most powerful and dangerous forms of fighting. Only one winner can claim the USD100,000 prize money.
  • ShowReal Asia: Japanese Cowboy
    This is a story of a small town man who, in his fight to stay true to himself, achieves something far greater than he ever set out to achieve.
  • ShowReal Asia: Supercell
    Many believe stem cells will be the future of medicine but in Asia, the future is already here. Can stem cells really cure the incurable?
  • ShowReal Asia: Super Cyclone
    The science of the super cyclone is examined and deconstructed by an Indian Meteorological team monitoring the weather in the area.
  • ShowReal Asia: Robot Jockey
    Witness the 1st camel race that uses robotic jockeys. Follow the joys, hopes and disappointments of all the stake holders in this unique project.
  • ShowReal Asia: Trading Faces
    This documentary enters the fascinating world of extreme plastic surgery in China as Beijing prepares to stage the first man-made beauty contest.
  • ShowReal Asia: Tokyo Shock Boys
    The Tokyo Shock Boys are a group of four highly energetic and wacky performers who are known to live up to their name on stage.
  • ShowReal Asia: Kung Fu Killers
    The unbelievable story of the ultimate Chinese killing machine, featuring the 10 deadliest Kung Fu weapons of all time and the dark secrets behind it.
  • ShowReal Asia: The Toilet Men
    A story about 3 men from three different cultures, each fighting a deep-seated taboo in their society to change our attitudes towards toilets.
  • ShowReal Asia: Hiss Of Death
    If you thought you'd seen King Cobra,the largest venomous snake before - wait until you see the Thai snake performers of Kok Sa Nga.
  • ShowReal Asia: Kung Fu Monk
    Kung Fu Monk is the remarkable story of how one man is transforming an ancient Eastern tradition into a stunning Western sensation.
  • ShowReal Asia: MegaShip
    Jump onboard the Megaship with Captain Roger, as it negotiates its way through the difficult and dangerous Singapore and Malacca Straits and beyond.
  • ShowReal Asia: Stuntmen of Bollywood
    Stuntmen still crash through glass with minimal precautions, use wet jute bags instead of fire suits and collapse into card board boxes and .....
  • ShowReal Asia: Crime Scene Bangkok
    A woman's fight to bring more transparent justice to the people of Thailand as she tries to bring an outdated forensic system into the 21st century.
  • ShowReal Asia: Chasing Earthquakes
    27 F15 goes on an investigative journey into a paranormal world of earthquake prediction.
  • ShowReal Asia: Inside Nirvana
    'Inside Nirvana' goes behind the scenes of the largest gathering of people on the planet during India's Kumbh Mela festival, a Hindu bathing festival.
  • ShowReal Asia: Tsunami Line
    In wake of the Tsunami that devastated Sri Lanka's coast, trace the reconstruction of the Southern Railway line - the Queen of the Sea.
  • ShowReal Asia: Head On!
    Using newspaper reports, official documents, and eyewitness accounts Head On! pieces together the events that resulted in the crash
  • ShowReal Asia: The Kung Fu Dragons Of Wudang
    Mt. Wudang is famous for its kung fu.What do kung fu people seek in Mt. Wudang?What are Wudang styles of kung fu and just how powerful are they?
  • ShowReal Asia: Faking China
    From illegally copied Hollywood movies and Nike tshirts at markets,to antiques and curios sold in markets, China is a country of fakes.
  • ShowReal Asia: Making Christmas
    Using the longest X'mas party that happens in Singapore as the backbone,we take a look at the plannings and the coming together for the celebrations.
  • ShowReal Asia: Cyber War - To Catch A Little Fish
    How and why do young hackers from Asia hack into the high tech computer systems of the West? We unravel the fascinating world of the cyber realm.