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From eye to hand to mouth we invite you into the kitchens of the streets, markets and alleyways. Join us on a journey following street food around the world.


  • Street Food Around The World: Istanbul
    Istanbul: The world's only metropolitan city thats situated on both Asia and Europe. Istanbul integrates old and new, tradition and progression, Eastern and Western and these integrations are all found in the Turkish kitchen! Istanbul's street food is diverse, colorful and rich. Ishai spends 24 hours tasting all that Istanbul has to offer. He meets the famous chef and historian Vedat Basaran at the Kadýköy market, tries Ottoman food and eats so much meat that would make any Turkish person proud.
  • Street Food Around The World: Mumbai
    Mumbai: One of the world's biggest cities, harboring over 18.7 million people. With more than half a million street food vendors, Mumbai will leave your feet aching! During the episode, Ishai will spend 24 hours tasting the best the Indian kitchen has to offer the cuisine that specializes in spices and lentils. He will meet the chef Vicky Ratnani at the famous Crawford Market and learn how to make the world-renown Chai beverage and taste the Mumbai's best chicken Tikka!
  • Street Food Around The World: Haifa
    Haifa: 100 Kilometers north of Tel Aviv, Haifa is the third largest city in Israel made famous by its various Jewish, Christian and Muslim neighborhoods. Throughout the episode, Ishai will understand the roots of the Israeli kitchen. He will meet with one of the region's most well-known chef, Israeli Aharoni, and learns about Arab and Jewish influences on the Israeli cuisine. During this visit, Ishai will make Burekas, Haifa's beloved on-the-go snack.
  • Street Food Around The World: Paris
    Paris: City of lights! Paris is the capital of the culinary world and food is equally treated as an art form. In this city, each food has its own specializing store: boulangerie, fromagerie and charcuterie. Ishai has 24 hours to dive into the wonderful French cuisine, where he will learn how to make the baguette, smell so many cheeses his senses will go into overload and meet with the famous food critic, Gilles Pudlowski.
  • Street Food Around The World: Bangkok
    Bangkok: In a city where 30 degrees Celsius is considered a cool day, Bangkok is one of the world's hottest cities. The weather must translate into the food, as the cuisine here is tremendously spicy! Ishai sets a goal: in 24 hours he will attempt to break his own limit of spiciness. Throughout the episode, Ishai meets Bangkok's famous chef, McDang, tastes an ice cream sandwich, and discovers that his biggest problem is not the spicy food, but rather the grasshopper food stall!
  • Street Food Around The World: Hanoi
    Hanoi: Old versus new, rural versus urban, East versus West. Despite these conflicting elements, Hanoi is a city of harmony and equilibrium. The character of Vietnamese cuisine is the balance between sweet and spicy, hot and cold, fresh and cooked. Ishai has 24 hours to taste and enjoy the various foods of the city and maybe even find his own sense of inner balance! During the episode, Ishai will try the famous Pho dish, meet with Chef Bien Duc Nguyen, and hell brave a taste of some fascinating snake liquor.
  • Street Food Around The World: Marrakech
    Marrakech: A desert oasis sheltered by the Atlas Mountains, Marrakech is the beating heart of Morocco. For years, Marrakech has been one of the crossroads between East and West and an important destination for the spice trade. The Moroccan cuisine is packed with spices and flavors! Ishai has 24 hours to enjoy all the various foods the city has to offer. During this episode, Ishai cooks using the Moroccan tagine, learns how to make Moroccan cookies and finds out about the health benefits of different spices.
  • Street Food Around The World: Amsterdam
    Amsterdam, the city for the young and the epitome of liberalism. Here, there are tasty surprises around every corner! Ishai has 24 hours to enjoy the freedom of the city and the distinct tastes it has to offer. During this episode, Ishai finds out it's worth standing in line for a serving of fries. He learns how to make the most city's most popular dish, the herring sandwich, and tries selling stroopwafels at the city market.
  • Street Food Around The World: Napoli
    Napoli: The city that invented the Pizza Margherita. Napoli is known for the finest fresh ingredients grown on the rich volcanic soil of Mount Vesuvius .In 24 hours Ishai enjoys some authentic Italian coffee, learns how to make homemade pasta under the guidance of renowned chef Don Alfonso, and falls in love with the delicious Italian ice cream.
  • Street Food Around The World: Tbilisi
    Tbilisi: Georgia's capital city, Tbilisi, has been destroyed and rebuilt at least 29 times. Despite this, the Georgian cuisine has maintained its unique appeal and offers a variety of foods. Focusing on the most widely used ingredients, nuts, herbs, wine, cheese and meat, Ishai has 24 hours to taste all the foods Tbilisi's streets have to offer. He learns how to make one of the national dishes khinkali, discovers a Georgian candy called churchkhela and enters an inviting cheese store…
  • Street Food Around The World: Vienna
    Classic music, stunning architecture and more. Vienna is the symbol of classical Europe. The Austrian cuisine is influenced by the kitchens of the former Austria-Hungarian Empire Italian, Hungarian and German. It is known for its simplicity, accuracy and quality. Ishai arrives at Vienna during Christmas eve, and has 24 hours to absorb the holiday charm and taste all the street food it offers. He wanders the holiday markets, visits the first sausage stand in Vienna and even meets Mozart!
  • Street Food Around The World: Mexico City
    Mexico City's food, which combines Spanish and indigenous cuisines, is known for its multitude of bold flavors, colorful dishes and extensive use of spices. Ishai has 24 hours to enjoy the rich culinary diversity. He learns that corn can come in a variety of shapes and sizes, tastes the exotic food of Mexico city and the best tacos the world has to offer!
  • Street Food Around The World: Best of
    Ishai has travelled to the four corners of the earth. He has flown, rode on trains and mopeds, but mostly did a lot of walking in many many cities. He has met a multitude of characters, ate at numerous food vendors and tasted countless dishes. Now, he takes the moment to relax and relive the experiences that will stay with him forever.