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  • Every Wednesday from Sept 7th @ 9:00pm HKT, 8:00pm BKK/JKT


Swamp Men explores the daily operations of an animal park set in Florida's Everglades that is run by the Seminole Tribe of Florida. Their goal is to immerse the public in some of the wildest land in North America, and to teach the respect for animals that's been a part of the Seminole culture for generations. The park is located on the north end of the Everglades in Big Cypress Swamp, and home to over 1500 animals that roam across 2200 fenced-in acres. It takes a full time staff to care for Billie Swamp's animals while keeping its visitors safe.  The man in charge of it all is park director Ed Woods. Ed's edgy management style coupled with the opportunity to work in one of the most dangerous professions on the planet has attracted a group of characters unparalleled in the business, each member of the staff bringing their own unique skill set and passion to the job.  To deliver a safe adventure to their guests and act as stewards of the environment in the unforgiving Everglades landscape, they operate as a team.


  • Swamp Men 2: Bee Bomb
    Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner, and for the guys at Billie Swamp Safari, this means spring-cleaning. Rogue gators, raccoons and bees have the guys on their toes as they prepare the park for one of its busiest weekends of the year. Two of the parks most popular Chickee's (traditional Seminole huts rented by overnight visitors) are being dominated by Mother Nature, so Ed and his team work to extract a colony of tens of thousands of bees AND a nuisance gator from the huts before the swarm of guests arrive.
  • Swamp Men 2: The Coming Storm
    First thing in the morning trouble is already brewing. Ed sends Rey and Steve to look for dangerous Asian water buffalo who appear to have entered the visitor's area when a gate along the security fence is left open, and dispatches Shea, Matt and Lawrence to move an aggressive, pregnant female gator out of the pond in the park and back into the wild so she can lay her nest. However, nothing goes smoothly for the guys who are all vying to call the shots. This fiasco brings veteran gator man Paul Simmons to Safari to train Matt on handling gators Billie Swamp style. Senior staff meets to discuss emergency protocol as Tropical Storm Bonnie heads towards Safari. The storm hits, but fortunately leaves virtually no damage. Rey and Hans begin falconry lessons to teach a red-tail hawk that was injured how to hunt and Shea unexpectedly gives his two weeks notice.
  • Swamp Men 2: Croc Swap
    For years, Billie Swamp Safari director Ed Woods' has been searching for a new home for his Nile crocs. That day has finally come and now the guys face the daunting task of removing these dangerous reptiles from their habitat. Each croc poses its own unique challenge, but the most dangerous reptile Ed's team will face is a 400-pound alligator that climbed into the exhibit and now rules the roost. Once the reptiles are moved, Ed plans to retrofit the habitat for a group of captive nuisance gators being held on the other side of the park. Across the park Rey and his wife Tatika have their hands full caring for a cute orphaned wild piglet. With each day, the piglet has grown larger and is now presenting a danger to the park guests. Ed knows how attached Rey and Tatika have become to the pig but, after a rough encounter between the wild pig one of the park's employees, Ed faces the tough decision of having to release the animal into the wild.
  • Swamp Men 2: Fire Hazard
    The staff of Billie Swamp Safari has a lot of work and danger in front of them as they try and corral 50 of the overpopulated bison to move to a ranch in northern Florida then search for injured animals while a forest fire ravages the adjacent Seminole cultural area. Shea is super busy catching a diamondback rattlesnake, heading out with Matt and tribesman Billy Walker to learn the traditional way Seminoles catch garfish, an important job in their culture, and veteran gator handler Paul Simmons comes to train him how to safely catch gators in deep water. While Paul is visiting he is able to save some baby alligators and Lawrence from a muddy irrigation ditch. Finally, to thank them for their hard work Ed holds a frog leg eating contest for Shea, John, Jason, Raymond and Matt which has been creating a lot of smack talk between the guys. The winner, John, gets a crown and the loser, Jason, has to do housekeeping for a week.
  • Swamp Men 2: Gator Breakout
    After catching a 4-foot nuisance gator from the park's popular airboat dock; Park Director Ed Woods makes a shocking discovery: this problematic gator is an "escapee" from the park's fenced-in boardwalk area nicknamed "Alcatraz." Alcatraz is home to nuisance gators that might have been destroyed anywhere else in the state of Florida. Ed meets up with Steve, the maintenance supervisor, to figure out where their security breeches are along Alcatraz's fence line. The guys stumble upon an active gator nest. After enlisting the help of Matt, a park staffer, several gator eggs are taken to the park's herpetarium for incubation. Later, Matt, Shea, and Lawrence release a clutch of baby alligators that were rescued from last year from Trump, a huge bull gator that had been eating its own young. After successfully raising the hatchlings the guys proudly bring them to the wild swamp, but with larger gators lurking nearby the release turns deadly. Billy Walker and his cousin Cory lead a roundup of bison for the annual festival, the Green Corn Dance, a sacred tradition for the Seminoles. Later, Steve and the maintenance team venture into Alcatraz and find holes where the gators have been escaping. After patching the fence and securing Alcatraz, Ed wants to put Chubbs, the park's most notorious nuisance gator, back in captivity. Chubbs gives Ed and the guys all they can handle, demonstrating why he is the most dangerous gator in the park. The guys successfully relocate Chubbs, making the swamp a little safer - for now!
  • Swamp Men 2: Predators On The Prowl
    Park Director Ed Woods is deeply disturbed by the disappearance of Cindy, his favorite chicken. Ed puts park staffers Matt and Jason in charge of catching the "chicken killer"; but that's not the only animal Ed has his sights set on catching. Ed brings veteran gator wrangler Paul in to help him try and catch "Houdini", the dangerous nine-foot Nile croc who escaped captivity over a decade ago. Billie Swamp Safari is on "high alert" when an injured black bear makes its way into the park. Ed's team sets up a bear trap, hoping to catch this nuisance bear before they have any more close calls. Ed and Paul try hunting Houdini at night and believe they're moments away from catching him when Ed gets a call that the black bear is back! The guys abort their Houdini effort, but once again despite being caught on video surveillance; the black bear eludes them. Ed decides it's time to try and catch Houdini with snare traps as a last resort. Within hours, "Charlie" a huge bull gator that also hangs out in the "horseshoe area", is snagged. Later that evening, Ed, Jodi, and Matt go to check the re-baited snare and are shocked to find Houdini on one end. Those three, along with only Steve and Keith have the unenviable task of securing this beast and pulling him out of the water. Despite Houdini's best efforts, the gang is able to secure Houdini and place him in the unoccupied bear trap overnight. The next morning, the rest of the staff is shocked to learn that they finally caught him. Ed welcomes a new baby chick that he names "Cindy" before saying goodbye to Houdini as he's taken to a new home.