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Real stories about real people.

This Tribal Odyssey collection of three episodes is based upon character led stories told in their own words. These are real stories about real human dramas, containing narratives repeated throughout every human community in the world. In the film the viewer has a strong sense of 'presence'. You feel that you are actually there and that the stories and relationships that intertwine with the characters are familiar even to Western audiences. The three primitive people in this series are the Dinka, the Hamar and the Wodaabe.


  • Tribal Odyssey: The Pokot:The Path to Manhood
    The Pokot are feared as fierce warriors. Two friends, one rich & one poor, go through the surprising rituals in their initiation to becoming warriors.
  • Tribal Odyssey: Rendille: Ceremonies Of the New Moon
    After a 3-year drought, the Goborre Rendille in Kenya prepare their moon cycle ceremonies -- a funeral, a wedding and a camel blessing.
  • Tribal Odyssey: The Dinka
    Follow us to south Africa and witness the Dinka men doing the traditional dowry dance at their wedding ceremony to impress their wife.
  • Tribal Odyssey: The Hamar
    Join us in Southern Ethiopia.We showcase the story of 2 young Hamar men; Burqi becoming the next man in the family line and Gele entering manhood.
  • Tribal Odyssey: The Last Dance of The Warriors
    Seven young, carefree warriors undergo the most important ceremony of their lives - their transformation to serene, bald, elders within five days.
  • Tribal Odyssey: The Wodaabe
    Meet the Wodaabe, one of the most extraordinary tribes on earth. Follow us to see three of their very important ceremonies.