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  • Premieres Thursday October 8th at 9pm, 8pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


Ultimate Airport Dubai 3 has unprecedented access to the world's busiest airport for international passengers, the home of Emirates, one of the world's largest airlines. The series will go behind the scenes to follow some of the 90,000 staff responsible for over 70 million passengers on 350,000 flights a year, 24 hours a day.


  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 1
    At the world's busiest international airport Phil faces an emergency that shuts down the airport. Two drunk newlyweds push Mel to the limit and Hassan catches a smuggler who has swallowed a large number of capsules containing cocaine. Elsewhere in the airport construction of a billion dollar new concourse enters a critical phase and mechanics race to prepare a 777-200 for take-off.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 2
    Connected to 270 destinations across 6 continents, Dubai International truly is at the heart of the world's aviation network. Events thousands of miles away - both big and small - impact the airport every day. The airport's 90 thousand staff are trained to expect the unexpected. Mel has to deal with 71 angry passengers delayed by bad weather in Pakistan; Carl gets to grips with explosive cargo badly loaded in Germany; Myles sweats on a multi-billion dollar project hanging by a thread; and Phil trials a system that could revolutionize life at the airport.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 3
    During Dubai International's busy Holiday period, Andrew must fix a serious engine failure that threatens to cause delays across the airport, Mel deals with the fallout from an onboard theft and Hassan catches a passenger smuggling a million dollars' worth of diamonds in her body. Meanwhile, Paul must fit two new 9-ton escalators, which are vital for carrying passengers to the new Concourse D building. But first he needs to get them through a tiny door
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 4
    Mel responds to an passenger emergency call and must deal with a worst case scenario. Nizel has to decide whether to let a partially filled cargo plane stay or go. Trainee firefighter Abdulrahman must help extinguish a blazing fuel fire, and engineer Nizalman tests a newly refurbished engine to its limits.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 5
    Weather threatens to wreck Georgs plan to deal with a medical emergency. The diverted plane has ice on the wings, which may strand a plane full of passengers 1500 miles from Dubai. For Myles, desert rain leaks inside Concourse D and threatens to bring down part of the ceiling. Trainee firefighters Abdulrahman and Yared take a search and rescue test to get one step closer to graduating as airport firefighters. Jo struggles to get a group of Chinese tourists on their flight before they miss it and Leigh is up against it when he needs to fix a plane damaged by lightning.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 6
    All over the airport, employees are working flat out to keep things running 24/7. Maintenance engineers Leigh Faulkner and Andy Clark desperately try to find two bolts which have dropped deep inside the engine of a Boeing 777. While Jo Di Biasi tries to help out a stranded Chinese family with no money to pay a huge excess baggage fee, Aref investigates a pair of suspect tennis balls in a package of electrical goods, which might contain drugs. Myles Jones tries to whip contractors into shape ahead of a boarding gate trial at the new Concourse D, and trainee firefighters Yared and Abdulrahman face a simulated cargo fire as they bid to become qualified airport firefighters.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 7
    Mel deals with an angry family who have missed their connecting flight. Leigh and Andy work against the clock to replace and test the igniter plug in a GE90 engine. Myles is facing his biggest test yet as the atrium of Concourse D is filled with smoke for a fire trial. Leigh is kept busy with another important repair to a 777, a blocked toilet. Gemma deals with one of the tightest turnarounds at the airport and it has arrived late, leaving her 60 minutes to unload a 777 full of cargo and baggage, including 20 tons for flowers for Valentines Day.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 8
    Mel is alerted to a possible Ebola patient in Terminal 3; its a situation which involves contacting authorities all over the airport, and limiting the mans contact with other passengers until she can get a firm diagnosis from doctors. Leigh has to find the source of a strange oily smell in the cabin of a Boeing 777-300. His prime suspect is the Auxiliary Power Unit, and the main tool he has is his nose! Myles is busy solving problems on Concourse D so that a key passenger trial can go ahead, while Customs investigates a shipment of counterfeit circuit breaker switches which are destined for the streets of Dubai. And Ian must install two giant decal stickers on an A380 fuselage, and have everything finished within hours.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 9
    Leigh battles to jack up a 300 ton 777 to find the cause of a hydraulic leak. Myles races against the clock to fix last minute faults at Concourse D ahead of the all-important Way Finding Trial. Carl deals with 95 tons of high-priority cargo - emergency aid destined for people left homeless in Nepals disaster. Hassan makes a big bust when they stop a man entering Dubai carrying fake passports.
  • Ultimate Airport Dubai S3: Ep 10
    At the worlds busiest international hub Customs Officer Hassan catches a smuggler hiding 2,000 tiny bottles of illegal prescription medication. Ground Dispatcher Nizel races to prepare a cash shipment of twenty million dollars destined for Londons Heathrow Airport. And Project Delivery Manager Myles is facing a make or break final inspection of the airports new Concourse D by one of the most powerful men in Dubai, the owner of Dubai Airports, His Royal Highness Sheikh Ahmed Al Maktoum.