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  • Every Friday from Aug 10th at 10:00pm, 9:00pm BKK/JKT
  • National Geographic Channel


The brand new second series of 'Wild Case Files' investigates the strangest real-life stories from the natural world. Each show unravels three wild mysteries, from the bizarre to the shocking, combining groundbreaking science with classic detective work. In this series we feature: millions of sardines stranding in a Californian harbour, rocks which creep silently across a dry lakebed in Death Valley by themselves, fish raining down in a remote Australian outback town, a sterile mule giving birth in Morocco, drunken parrots in Australia, Namibian cheetahs going mysteriously blind, the Loch Ness monster of Lake Champlain, strange earth circles in Namibia and what's considered to be the shark bite capital of the world! Once again, Wild Case Files unravels the MYSTERIES behind the Planet's most unprecedented and shocking events.


  • Wild Case Files II: Poison Beach
    Today on Wild Case Files: in Death Valley, California, nearly 200 rocks, from small stones to bulky boulders, are creeping silently across the valley floor, leaving trails behind them that stretch for hundreds of feet. Magnetic fields, hoaxers and wind have all been put forward as theories - but nobody has ever seen them move.
  • Wild Case Files II: Kruger Killers
    In this episode of Wild Case Files, a mystery predator is turning South Africa's premier nature reserve, Kruger National Park, into a slaughterhouse.
  • Wild Case Files II: Raining Fish
    In this episode of Wild Case Files: hundreds of silver fish rain down on a remote outback community in Australia.
  • Wild Case Files II: Croc Shock
    Locals of the Victoria River district in Australia are shocked to find large numbers of dead freshwater crocodiles.
  • Wild Case Files II: Tasmanian Tiger Terror
    In Loch Sport, Australia, locals find kangaroo carcasses with their heads ripped clean off.
  • Wild Case Files II: Flying Reindeer
    In the skies over Florida, a military jet hits a bird at 1500 feet. A sample of the bird remains is sent to the Feather Identification Unit at the Smithsonian Institute to be analyzed, but to the astonishment of the team there, the DNA is not from a bird at all - it's from a deer!
  • Wild Case Files II: Bird Apocalypse
    New Years Eve: Beebe, Arkansas - five thousand red-winged blackbirds fall out of the night sky and crash to the ground.
  • Wild Case Files II: American Lake Monster
    Lake Champlain, USA: does a lake monster like Nessie really exist in Champlain?
  • Wild Case Files II: Alien Roadkill
    Minnesota, USA: A strange alien-like creature is found on the side of a road just outside the town of Alexandria.
  • Wild Case Files II: Shark Attack Beach
    The Cotswolds, UK: In the rolling hills of the English countryside a mystery beast stalks a walker and her pet dog.