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In Dumbarton, Scotland, a journalist uncovers a sixty-year history of dogs jumping to their death from a fifteen meter bridge. Could something be luring the dogs to the other side? In Kerala, India, villagers hear a loud sonic boom one morning and wake to see blood red rain falling from the sky. Is it just desert dust or could it be evidence of extra-terrestrial life? Lions living in the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania are exhibiting disturbing behaviour: violent seizures and battles to the death with other lions. As the death toll climbs, will investigators identify the cause before the great beasts are pushed to the brink?

Wildlife biologists, conservationists, veterinary pathologists and forensic animal behaviourists investigate some of the weirdest wildlife mysteries ever encountered. Using cutting-edge technology, forensic analysis and eye-witness testimony, the teams examine the evidence, review the facts and deconstruct the mysteries to crack some of nature’s toughest cases. These top-notch investigators know what great detective work takes: dogged determination, insatiable curiosity and an obsession with the details. They also know the importance of gathering credible evidence and examining it for every possible clue, re-creating a sequence of events, finding a motive and considering every factor – like the weather or the time of day.


  • Wild Case Files: Montauk Monster
    A Team of investigators unravel the mystery of a strange alien-like creature that washes up on the shores of Montauk, Long Island in 2008.
  • Wild Case Files: Texas Monster Web
    A team of web busters sets to study a giant web that engulfs a forest in Texas to discover which creature has built it, and why.
  • Wild Case Files: Exploding Toads
    2005, Germany: For some unknown reason the toads are swelling up, and exploding…scattering entrails and body parts all over...What could be causing this weird phenomenon?
  • Wild Case Files: Blood Red Rain
    One endangered manatee after another is found floating dead in the coastal waters of Southwest Florida.Join us in finding the truth.
  • Wild Case Files: Alien Squid Invasion
    In 1993, Ann Venning's family wheat farm and piggery in Australiais invaded by hundreds of thousands of mice. Join us in investigating why it happens.
  • Wild Case Files: Bird-Eating Catfish
    Wild Case Files investigates three mysteries from the natural world: A mysterious river monster, sea turtles washing up dead and blinding kangaroos.
  • Wild Case Files: Poison Beach
    From a poisonous beach in Auckland and Cheetahs with eye injuries in Namibia, Wild Case Files investigate these mysteries.
  • Wild Case Files: Kruger Killers
    A mystery predator is turning South Africa's premier nature reserve, Kruger National Park, into a slaughterhouse.
  • Wild Case Files: Raining Fish
    In this episode of Wild Case Files: hundreds of silver fish rain down on a remote outback community in Australia.
  • Wild Case Files: Croc Shock
    Today on Wild Case Files: locals of the Victoria River district in Australia are shocked to find large numbers of dead freshwater crocodiles.
  • Wild Case Files: Crock Shock
    Today on Wild Case Files: locals of the Victoria River district in Australia are shocked to find large numbers of dead freshwater crocodiles.
  • Wild Case Files: Tasmanian Tiger Terror
    Today on Wild Case Files: In Loch Sport, Australia, locals find kangaroo carcasses with their heads ripped clean off.
  • Wild Case Files: Flying Reindeer
    Today on Wild Case Files: A military jet hits a bird at 1500 feet. A sample of the bird remains is sent to be analyzed, but the DNA is from a deer!
  • Wild Case Files: Bird Apocalypse
    New Years Eve: Beebe, Arkansas - five thousand red-winged blackbirds fall out of the night sky and crash to the ground.
  • Wild Case Files: American Lake Monster
    Lake Champlain, USA: does a lake monster like Nessie really exist in Champlain? For many years witnesses have told stories.
  • Wild Case Files: Alien Roadkill
    Just outside the town of Alexandria USA, an alien like creature is found dead. In Fraser River, Canada, the annual Salmon Run deviates rapidly.
  • Wild Case Files: Shark Attack Beach
    A mysterious feline is stalking the English countryside, killing wildlife. New Smyrna Beach is in the path of thousands of migrating sharks.