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An explosive demolition team is challenged with safely imploding complex and iconic structures around the world. Each episode focuses on the dangers, challenges, and inside strategies of this type of high-risk demolition. Built to withstand time, gravity and natural disasters, every job poses unique engineering challenges. Blowdown explains the complex science behind the missions and highlights obstacles these experts encounter as they rely on experience and intuition to reverse engineer structures designed to be indestructible.

The team is faced with an engineering marvel gone horribly wrong in the first episode as they deal with their strangest challenge yet: to demolish a brand new hurricane-proof tower. In the second show they're faced with the demolition of a 60,000-seater super dome which sits a few metres away from a multimillion dollar convention centre and a main rail line. And in an unprecedented demo job the Blowdown crew joins forces with marine salvage specialists to turn a 17,000-tonne former spy ship into the second-largest artificial reef in the world. Will they give this dead vessel a new life? Or will the sink plan lead them to disaster?


  • Blowdown: Rocket Tower
    A family demolition team from Phoenix Maryland descends on Cape Canaveral, Florida to take down an obsolete rocket launch tower. The team has one month to load and rig highly specialized, high-speed explosives capable of cutting steel. They struggle to keep the job on schedule and the team safe on this industrial demolition site.
  • Blowdown: Vegas Casino
    A family demolition team from Phoenix, Maryland descends on Vegas to take down the Frontier Hotel and Casino complex. This is the 15th building they’ve imploded in Vegas – and the Frontier proves to be particularly difficult.
  • Blowdown: Nuclear Plant
    A family demolition team from Phoenix, Maryland descends on site of the Sellafield Nuclear plant to take down four outdated nuclear cooling towers. It will be the first time explosives have ever been used on an active nuclear site anywhere in the United Kingdom. The team has ten days to load and rig 4,500 dynamite charges in the towers, one of which is only 40m away from a nuclear fuel processing plant. The team is set to make history, but are worried about the fallout.
  • Blowdown: The Miami Job
    A family of demolition experts travels the world blowing down structures built to withstand time, gravity and natural disasters. The demo team “reverse engineers” each structure—using its own features to bring it down. The Bal Harbor Hotel in Miami is a regular target for Atlantic hurricanes and Mobile Service Tower 40 used to launch Titan Missiles at Cape Canaveral. As much an art as a science, each structure requires a new rulebook: no two are ever the same.
  • Blowdown: Super Stadium
  • Blowdown: Spyship
  • Blowdown: Monster Tower
  • Blowdown: World Cup Demolition