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Their horrifying crimes left an indelible stain on European history, but there are still many questions around about the Nazi party. 

Learn some surprising facts about this infamous political party’s hidden past in Nazi Secrets.

From SS terror-chief Heinrich Himmler’s secret obsession with witches, to the schizophrenic cousin Hitler gassed to death, this series reveals the sensational secrets that could revolutionize your understanding of Hitler’s regime. 

This is the story told by those closest to the Fuhrer and his henchmen, who have finally dared to speak on camera.


  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Henchmen
    Heinrich Himmler, Hitler’s most powerful disciple, remains an enigma even today. Why was he interested in the occult? Was Himmler, not Hitler, responsible for ordering the mass murder of Jews?
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Desert Fox
    At the height of his success, Erwin Rommel wielded extreme power, but as the war ended, his growing feud with Hitler resulted in a forced suicide covered up by a state burial.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Women
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Architect
    Albert Speer was HItler's personal architect and successful armaments minister, who managed to convince the world of his innocence of the Holocaust. Over 30 years after his death, historians have unearthed documents proving that the "good Nazi" not only covered up his knowledge of the Holocuast, but also participated in the Nazi art theft.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Money
    For much of his time in power, Hitler propagated himself as a humble man of the people. In reality however he amassed a great fortune, often at the cost of the German people. Whether it was through generous donations from high-profile industrialists or by being exempt from paying taxes, Adolf Hitler's rise to power would not have been possible without his immense wealth.
  • Nazi Underworld: Hitler's Family
    Hitler’s colourful family background was covered up by the Nazi propaganda machine but the true nature of his roots placed him far from the Aryan society he so envisioned.
  • Nazi Underworld: The Hess Enigma
  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Underworld - 201
  • Nazi Underworld: Patient Hitler
  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Underworld - 202
  • Nazi Underworld: The Ghost of U-513
  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Underworld - 203
  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Underworld - 204
  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Gold
  • Nazi Underworld: Nazi Underworld - 205
  • Nazi Underworld: Deadly Missions



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    Desert Fox

    Seen as one of Hitler’s closest allies, new evidence suggests that Field Marshal Erwin Rommel m...

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