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What was once conceived as science fiction is now anchored in reality. Year Million, a new six-part documentary-drama series from National Geographic, explores what it will be like to be human one million years into the future. 

Today's brightest futurists, scientists, scholars and notable science fiction writers guide viewers through the very latest advances in technology, ideas and innovations that likely will power the evolution of our species. 

Through illustrative, dramatic storytelling, Year Million paints a version of humanity's fate through the lens of a typical futuristic American family, which includes a daughter who is android. The series propels us into an odyssey of unfathomable choices humans will face while questioning the kind of lives we'll live and the people we’ll become a million years from now. 

Year Million imagines a future when mortality becomes a thing of the past; man merges with machine; intelligence is limitless; and the human species becomes interplanetary. The series predicts how every aspect of technology may affect our lives, for better or worse.


  • Year Million: Year Million - 101 - Homo Sapien 2.0
    Artificial intelligence — its merits and dangers — is explored as an inevitable future.
  • Year Million: Year Million - 101
  • Year Million: Homo Sapien 2.0
  • Year Million: Year Million - 102 - Never Say Die
    In the deep future, how will the idea of living forever change what it's like to be human?
  • Year Million: Never Say Die
  • Year Million: Year Million - 102
  • Year Million: Dude, Where's My Body?
  • Year Million: Year Million - 103
  • Year Million: Mind Mild
  • Year Million: Energy Beyond Earth
    How overconsumption may force the terraforming of other planets.
  • Year Million: Beyond The Cosmos
    A study of whether future exploration of new planets will mirror science fiction.