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  • Bush Baby forvirring Program

    Bush Baby forvirring

    Ejeren af en bush baby-abe finder ud af, at hun har taget fejl af sit eksotiske dyrs køn.

  • O-Fishally Having Fun Program

    O-Fishally Having Fun

    The guys are testing the new Koi camera and Chris has to learn to channel his "inner fish."

  • Polar Bear Playing Coy Program

    Polar Bear Playing Coy

    A female polar bear acts uninterested when a male tries to court her.

  • Delicate Dragons’ Dance Program

    Delicate Dragons’ Dance

    Sea dragons perform a ritual courtship dance.

  • Polar Bear Cubs Program

    Polar Bear Cubs

    After five long months, a mother polar bear is ready to take her newborn cubs to their next adventure!

  • Tourist or Venetian? Program

    Tourist or Venetian?

    Could you tell a Venetian from a tourist? Students in Venice are tallying the foot traffic in order to help preserve the city.

  • Firing Range Magic Program

    Firing Range Magic

    DMC creates an unbelievable illusion using cards, targets, and guns.

  • Fear of Humans Program

    Fear of Humans

    Jason is trying to condition a mountain lion to be afraid of humans by shooting a flare gun.

  • White Out! Program

    White Out!

    Jason was hired to protect local workers from polar bears and hopes his trail camera will help.

  • Explosion of Bats Program

    Explosion of Bats

    Boone Smith rappels off the side of a bridge in Austin, Texas into a swarm of a million plus bats.

  • Skudsikre balonner Program

    Skudsikre balonner

    Tim Shaw tester, om balloner fyldt med vand kan stoppe et projektil.

  • Bagvendte balloner Program

    Bagvendte balloner

    Tim Shaw chokerer med et eksperiment, der viser, hvordan en ballon faktisk bevæger sig i et køretøj, der accelererer.

  • Termit Program


    Tim Shaw eksperimenterer med ekstrem varme og antænder termit oven på en blok is.

  • Fishing Raccoons Program

    Fishing Raccoons

    Woody the raccoon learns to fish for minnows while in rehabilitation.

  • Groundhog Feedings Program

    Groundhog Feedings

    Linda must get the baby groundhogs to feed properly in order to save them.

  • Can This Duck Jump? Program

    Can This Duck Jump?

    Drake the Duck must prove he has recovered from surgery by jumping out of the tub and into his bin.

  • A Lion's Backup Call Program

    A Lion's Backup Call

    The lioness finally gets some help while trying to take down an adult buffalo.

  • Sardine Sailfish Smack Down Program

    Sardine Sailfish Smack Down

    Sailfish work together to herd sardines into striking position but the sardines are giving the sailfish a run for their money.

  • Where's The Food? Program

    Where's The Food?

    Our raccoon searches a garage, wreaking havoc, in search of some food.

  • Out of the Shadows Program

    Out of the Shadows

    At night, our urban gardens come alive with very different and elusive creatures.