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  • Baby Orangutan School Program

    Baby Orangutan School

    Deeper relationships and bonds are formed among rescued orphan orangutans brought to the center for rehabilitation.

  • Den rette formel? Program

    Den rette formel?

    Kan et Formel 1 race reelt gennemføres af racere alene drevet af elektricitet?

  • Hard Fishing Program

    Hard Fishing

    With the Wahoo fighting a tuna, Hard Merchandise and Fishin' Frenzy battle to catch their own.

  • Post-Saddam Confusion Program

    Post-Saddam Confusion

    Generals speak candidly about the impacts of Paul Bremer's dismantling of the Iraqi Army after the 2003 fall of Saddam Hussein.

  • Digging for Something Program

    Digging for Something

    David goes deep by exchanging dialogue with others about what exactly defines a hole.

  • The Best Shoelaces, Ever Program

    The Best Shoelaces, Ever

    David enlists the expertise of survivalist and animal tracker Shane to test out the strength of different shoelaces. Did we me...

  • Flies Eating Donuts Program

    Flies Eating Donuts

    David consults a government ninja fly assassin to learn how flies eat. Then David eats a donut the way a fly eats a donut and i...

  • Mechanical Thumb Club Program

    Mechanical Thumb Club

    David wants to understand the physics of a coin toss, so he meets up with a guy named Jeff, who builds catapults for a living. ...

  • Nice Ice Program

    Nice Ice

    David visits Maine to check out lake ice. He meets Ken and Ken’s mustache. He also learns what makes lake ice so crystal cl...

  • Nightmare Scenario Program

    Nightmare Scenario

    David meets with a track coach to help him work out his deep-seated issues with revolving doors.

  • Seriously, Trees Are Amazing Program

    Seriously, Trees Are Amazing

    In the beautiful Muir Woods forest, rockstar arborist "Canopy" Meg teaches "TV Dave" how to use a scientific device called a "p...

  • What is Fire? Program

    What is Fire?

    David tries to understand just exactly what fire is. Then David checks out a 12-foot-high column of flame. Yeah, you read tha...

  • The Tube Program

    The Tube

    Learn how to make a new kind of paper plane.

  • The Boomerang Program

    The Boomerang

    See how to make a paper plane that will come back again and again.

  • Stormsikre vinduer Program

    Stormsikre vinduer

    Tests skal vise, om det endelig er lykkedes at konstruere stormsikre glaspaneler.

  • Grubbin' It! Program

    Grubbin' It!

    Chris is forced to stay true to his word when the guys find a big grub for him to eat.

  • Polar Bear Playing Coy Program

    Polar Bear Playing Coy

    A female polar bear acts uninterested when a male tries to court her.

  • Predator’s Playground Program

    Predator’s Playground

    Migrating herds move across wide open spaces in full view of waiting predators.

  • Miniature Insect World Program

    Miniature Insect World

    The secret worlds of the stalk eyed-fly and the honey ant show how unusual life can be for them.

  • Delicate Dragons’ Dance Program

    Delicate Dragons’ Dance

    Sea dragons perform a ritual courtship dance.