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  • At Sea Program

    At Sea

    Still playing with fire, Bob sails to within 10 feet of the lava pouring out from the shore.

  • Decisive Moment Program

    Decisive Moment

    Bob gets terrifyingly close to the volcano in search of the decisive moment.

  • Eruptive Display Program

    Eruptive Display

    Back in 1974 Bob met a young geologist, Robin Holcomb who took Bob to the precipice of the lava fountain.

  • Childhood dream Program

    Childhood dream

    Fritz dropped out of art school to roam America as a photographer. In adulthood this curiousity would lead him to China.

  • Ancient Arts Program

    Ancient Arts

    Preserving ancient traditions is not easy. Shaolin Kung Fu's struggle to survive mirrors China's own turbulent history.

  • Monk Exercise Program

    Monk Exercise

    Ancient monks devised Shaolin Kung Fu as an exercise to strengthen the body and discipline the mind.

  • Shaolin Soul Program

    Shaolin Soul

    In a nation where obedience is a virtue and conformity rules, Fritz struggles to find the soul of Shaolin.

  • Shi Dejian's Mountain Program

    Shi Dejian's Mountain

    On the mountain Fritz learns from the master that Shaolin without Buddha is like a body without a heart.

  • The Pollinators Program

    The Pollinators

    Mark Moffett shares his passion for photographing all those little creatures busy keeping us alive.

  • Curiosity Program


    Good photography starts with curiosity. Find a subject fascinates you and the rest is easy.

  • Chocolate Gnat Program

    Chocolate Gnat

    Mark Moffett introduces us to the little fly responsible for our chocolate supply: the cacao pollinator!

  • Pollination Threat Program

    Pollination Threat

    Everything is important. Moffett wants people to fall in love with the unexpected so that we will protect it.

  • Testing Technology Program

    Testing Technology

    Carsten's mission is to get a great shot of lightning and capture Tim with his camera all in the same frame.

  • Storm Chasers Program

    Storm Chasers

    Finding the perfect storm isn't easy; it's a game based on research, experience and intuition.

  • Safety First Program

    Safety First

    Carsten Peter finds out why driving a million dollars worth of equipment under a thunderstorm has its risks.

  • Game Over Program

    Game Over

    The last night of the mission and the storm passes. It's been a good shoot but Carsten didn't get the photo he was hoping for.

  • Talking Photo Program

    Talking Photo

    Chris Rainier is on assignment to photograph some of the world's most endangered languages.

  • Shaman Ceremony Program

    Shaman Ceremony

    Chris Rainier takes a two hour flight to the heart of Pantanal to witness a Shaman Ceremony.

  • Papua New Guinea Program

    Papua New Guinea

    More than 10% of humanity's known 7000 languages are found in Papua New Guinea, Chris Ranier's next stop.

  • Cultural Activist Program

    Cultural Activist

    Luis Kolis, a cultural activist, explains what an important role photography plays in revitalizing cultures.