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National Geographic


Imagine experiencing the thrill of lions on the hunt, a hyena feeding frenzy or an intimate encounter with an elephant family as it happens live, from the comfort of your couch. For seven days in November, a live broadcast from South Africa’s Kruger National Park offers an unadulterated perspective of the area’s wildlife. On location at Nwanetsi Concession at Singita, one of Africa’s preeminent safari game reserves housed inside Kruger National Park, Caught on Safari: Live! will beautifully capture Singita’s landscape, which is nestled among the Lebombo Mountains overlooking the African plain, and the Nwanetsi river. Through an insider’s peek into life at the reserve, we hear directly from the game rangers and wildlife trackers watching over Singita, and learn about Africa’s conservation issues. This game reserve represents one of Africa’s few territories where large prides of lions...

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