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National Geographic


Each episode will focus on one location. First, well set up the challenge, establishing the secret animal world Brady will try to infiltrate. Well accomplish this by sending Brady into the field with a recognized scientist whos currently conducting research on the animal in the location. Brady will experience the standard methods researchers use to get close to these animals to observe their behavior, collect samples, and/or attach monitoring devices. Hell find out what burning unanswered questions they have about the creatures behavior, and their biggest challenges in gathering datachallenges Brady hopes to help them overcome in an innovative way.


  • Dangerous Encounters: Bayou Beasts
    Dr Brady Barr is on a mission to find another of America's alligators: the alligator snapping turtle. Do these giant turtles still lurk in the waters of the Southeast?
  • Dangerous Encounters: Raging Bulls
    Brady Barr dives headfirst into the world of rodeo on a mission that might be his most dangerous yet. He puts himself in harms way through up close encounters with bison and a professional rodeo bull.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Pets vs. Predators
    Every day, millions of pet owners1 across the nation wake up, make a cup of coffee, and open the back door to let their pets out. Dr. Brady Barr wants to know: what happens when that door closes? From prickly porcupines to venomous reptiles, there's a gauntlet of wild animals that can injure, and even kill your pet. Brady's even seen some of these shocking encounters online. Home video and still photographs depict dogs covered with porcupine quills2, cats carried away by coyotes3, and pets with their heads swollen up like giant melons… survivors of rattlesnake bites.4 Brady heads to Phoenix Arizona where a milieu of lethal creatures wanders out of the desert and into residential neighborhoods. Brady responds to nuisance animal calls and conducts experiments with some of the most notorious pet threat offenders, in an effort to learn what can be done to protect pets from the dangers in their own backyard.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Home Invasion
    As we push deeper & deeper into the wild, creating havoc for other species, some are turning the tables raiding our suburbs & even our homes. Dr. Brady Barr is on the hunt to track down these animals.
  • Dangerous Encounters
    Dr Brady Barr has studied American Alligators for over 20 years, now he is on a mission to find another of America's alligators: the alligator snapping turtle. Alligator snapping turtles are one of the largest freshwater turtles in the world.1 Weighing several hundred pounds2 and armed with vice like jaws capable of dismembering their prey, the alligator snapper is a true prehistoric beast.3 But decades of commercial hunting have dramatically reduced their population.4 Do truly giant turtles still lurk in the waters of the Southeast? Brady is on a mission to find out.
  • Dangerous Encounters: Vacation Nightmares
    A week in a sub-tropical paradise like the Caribbean can be a dream vacation. But these ocean playgrounds harbor some seriously nasty critters that can turn your vacation into a horror holiday.