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National Geographic


Expedition Wild presents the unique story of Casey Anderson, a man who has dedicated himself to wildlife preservation. Casey has a daring approach to understanding grizzlies’ every move, something most evident in the special relationship he has with Brutus. The bond between the two is both strong and touching, a genuine friendship. Watch Bruno swim at the local pool and celebrate with him as he enjoys his birthday party!

Follow Casey on his 60-kilometre winter journey into Yellowstone, tracking notoriously elusive mountain lions and wild grizzlies as they hunt for food to carry them through hibernation.


  • Expedition Wild: Grizzly vs. Polar Bear
    Polar bears & brown bears, isolated from one another for millennia, are suddenly appearing side-by-side in the Arctic. Casey endeavors to find out: which of these two species is the ultimate survivor?
  • Expedition Wild: Black Bear
  • Expedition Wild: Grand Canyon Safari
    Naturalist Casey Anderson heads deep to the legendary Grand Canyon on an epic quest to profile the rare and endangered wildlife living on the edge of the abyss.
  • Expedition Wild: Grizzly Vs Polar Bear
    Polar bears & brown bears, isolated from one another for millennia, are suddenly appearing side-by-side in the Arctic. Casey endeavors to find out: which of these two species is the ultimate survivor?
  • Expedition Wild: Stalking The Mountain Lion
    Naturalist Casey Anderson sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream of tracking, and documenting "never before seen" footage of one of North America's most elusive ghosts: the Mountain Lion.
  • Expedition Wild: Wolverine King
    Bracing himself against the fierce elements of Alaska & British Columbia, Casey finds himself on a mission to find & film an elusive animal whose legend is almost larger than life, the Wolverine.
  • Expedition Wild: Yellowstone Scavengers
  • Expedition Wild: Project Kodiak
    Join naturalist Casey Anderson on a once-in-a-lifetime pilgrimage to the "bear paradise" of Alaska's Katmai National Park and Kodiak Island where he learns the remarkable techniques and mind-blowing fishing strategies that he will teach to his best friend Brutus, a nine-hundred pound grizzly bear. Casey's adventure, from the frontcountry of Katmai's Brooks Falls to the deep backcountry of Kodiak's Fraser Lake, reveals a pristine ecosystem home to the largest bears on the planet. But as Casey discovers, the most fascinating aspect of this wild "Eden" is the relationship between the salmon and the bears that fish for them. Hoping to share the wealth of his journey with his best friend back in Montana, Casey guides his bear Brutus through incremental fishing challenges acted out in their backyard. Through the step-by-step training program developed by Casey, Brutus is transformed into a "fishing bear" like his Alaskan cousins. Transported along this mesmerizing journey, audiences will be treated to breathtaking natural history sequences, comic breakout scenarios, and an altogether unforgettable story filled with dynamic characters set against the stunning backdrop of the Alaskan wilderness.
  • Expedition Wild: Inside The Wolf Pack
    On the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of wolf reintroduction in Yellowstone, naturalist Casey Anderson goes 'inside the pack' with a stunning profile of Yellowstone's apex predator, the gray wolf, at the height of its awesome power during the brutal grip of winter. Casey's unique background raising wolves Teton and Madison and his balanced local perspective on the fifteen-year-old wild wolf reintroduction form the foundation of a full-fledged Canid investigation - unpacking the unique physiological and behavioral characteristics of wolves, coyotes, and foxes. And, on a bigger scale, Casey surveys the myriad ways that wolves have altered the fabric of the entire Yellowstone ecosystem - prompting ecologists to redefine the fundamentals of predator conservation biology. The hallmarks of the Expedition Wild series, jaw-dropping natural history, Casey's keen field observations, extreme backcountry adventure, and sensational breakouts are all on display for an unforgettable chronicle of one of North America's most charismatic and controversial species. Join Casey for an up-close, revelatory look at Yellowstone's wolves in Expedition Wild: Project Wolf.
  • Expedition Wild: Yellowstone Winter
    Yellowstone Winter
  • Expedition Wild: Grizzly Encounters
    Bringing Up Brutus is the saga of a bear becoming a star, an animal trainer following his dreams, and an entertaining educational endeavor to make the world a better place for bears - both wild and tame. Opening with a birthday celebration for Brutus, a nine hundred pound brown bear, the episode reveals the longstanding relationship between trainer and naturalist Casey Anderson and the bear he has raised from birth. As we are introduced to their world, we also explore the amazing day-to-day lives of all the rescued bears at the Montana Grizzly Encounter, home to Brutus, Jake, Maggie, and Sheena. Throughout this action-packed episode, we witness charismatic animal personalities, compelling drama, and intimate visuals - offering us a glimpse into the lives of bears working as ambassadors for their wild cousins and lighting up the silver screen.
  • Expedition Wild: Yellowstone Spring
    Casey Anderson returns to his wildlife hot spots in Yellowstone as spring brings the emergence of its animals. Meanwhile, back in Montana, we see Brutus and the other animals come out of their winter hibernation.
  • Expedition Wild: Inside A Grizzly Attack
    Wildlife Expert Casey Anderson profiles a trio of infamous Yellowstone grizzly bear attacks on humans, debunking misconceptions about bears and focusing on solutions that would serve both people and the animals. Casey travels with survivors back to the scenes where they relive the events that led to their maulings. And with the help of Brutus, the 900-pound brown bear he raised from birth, Casey hopes to replace a culture of fear with one of respect for these amazing icons of the wilderness.
  • Expedition Wild: Inside Wolf Pack
  • Expedition Wild: Death In The Kingdom
    Death in the Kingdom: A hyena cub is introduced to the nursery, its time to operate on a majestic male, tragedy strikes at the Kingdom and cheeky new arrivals win over a lonely lion cub.
  • Expedition Wild: Black Bear Invasion
    Casey's newest protégé, "Casey-Junior," is a six-week old ambassador Black Bear cub who will learn to walk, swim, climb, and forage, all for the first time under Casey's careful tutelage.