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National Geographic


National Geographic Channel invites viewers to re-think the way they see television - and the world - with smart, innovative and insightful programming. At Nat Geo, we promise that every experience with the channel will be rewarding, informative and entertaining. It has also been our constant endeavour to stimulate the minds of our viewers, with relevant and relatable information while keeping them entertained.Keeping this in mind, National Geographic Channel brings to you a truly lip-smacking series – Food Lover’s Guide to the Planet.From spicy biryani in South India and bustling farmers markets in Mexico, to soy sauce factories in Hong Kong, self-professed food lovers across the globe are bursting with new culinary tales to share. With the breadth of international travel combined with a passion for food, "Food Lover's Guide to the Planet" delivers a unique cultural look at the world; it is a complete food fair. The series dives into the diverse realm of the world's greatest cuisine, from New Zealand's purest honey to Italy's famous Parmigiano Reggiano. Infused with "green" elements, the delicious series reveals examples of sustainable farming and fishing, as well as new efforts to cultivate organic dairy, meat, and plant products.