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National Geographic


Experts uncover the brutal chain of events that led to humans being killed by wild animals in Hunter Hunted.

Something is happening on the edges of civilisation. People are mysteriously disappearing, their bodies discovered with terrible injuries.

With increased frequency, bizarre accounts of wild creatures attacking humans are making the headlines. Some cases can be easily explained, yet others remain a mystery, even to the experts. Is there a dangerous trend emerging with the tables turning and the hunters becoming the hunted?


  • Hunter Hunted: The Silent Stalker
    In a remote Amazonian village, Vampire bats are attacking & killing people. Within a month, 2 adults & 5 children are dead. Why would the shy nocturnal creatures suddenly target human beings?
  • Hunter Hunted: Ambushed
    A Canadian was attacked by a bear due to shortage of food. But our investigation suggests a more disturbing reason behind these attacks.
  • Hunter Hunted: In The Dragon's Jaws
  • Hunter Hunted: Arctic Attack
    On Norway's Arctic island of Spitsbergen, two co-eds are attacked by a polar bear. Two other attacks lead investigators to discover the cause of the animal's disturbing behaviour.
  • Hunter Hunted: Shark Invasion
    Recife, one of the largest cities in Brazil and one of the countrys top tourist destinations, has endless miles of sandy beach, inviting waves…and the highest concentration of shark attacks in the world. As beachgoers struggle for their lives, investigators piece together clues to answer the most pressing questions which ancient predator is the culprit? Why did the attacks begin so suddenly? Where did the sharks come from? And what can the locals, who thrive on tourist income, do to stop the attacks in what is fast becoming shark city?
  • Hunter Hunted: Return of the Predator
    On May 10th, shocking news floods the airwaves in Florida- a woman in Ft. Lauderdale has been attacked and killed by an alligator. Just five days later the news goes from bad to worse when not one but two more women become victims- killed by alligators in St. Petersburg and Ocala. The American Alligator is an efficient and opportunistic hunter, but alligators in Florida have seldom preyed on humans. So why does it seem that they are now becoming man-hunters? Two teams of experts attempt to discover the common thread that links all three tragic attacks. They uncover how, in one May week, humans relinquished their role as the hunter and became the hunted.
  • Hunter Hunted: Black Death
    On a cool July morning, in Tanzanias lush savannah, Bob Fontana shoulders his hunting rifle… suddenly 2000 pounds of brute force bursts out of a nearby bush and tramples the man - its horns piercing the hunters crumpled body. The culprit is legendary throughout Africa: The cape buffalo . But what has caused this normally placid grazer to attack a human? Chillingly, Fontana is not alone… attacks by cape buffalo are occurring throughout the Dark Continent. But why? An investigation of cape buffalo attacks across Africa unravels a chilling revelation of the beasts cunning intelligence.
  • Hunter Hunted: Tanzania Terror
    On the banks of the Rufiji River, in Southern Tanzania, a horrifying epidemic of man-eating Lions is spreading terror throughout rural villages. Over the course of eighteen months, a lion consumes and kills 49 people. An autopsy on the man-eater reveals a possible motive: the lion has badly damaged teeth. Every bite may have caused excruciating pain and would have made it impossible to catch or eat tough wild meat. But the day after the lion is killed, another human is attacked by a different lion. Is something else turning these lions into man-eaters?