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National Geographic


Imagine stepping into a prehistoric world filled with massive beasts armed to the teeth. They seem to be right out of a science fiction novel -- but they're actually real. PREHISTORIC GIANTS (4x60) will follow on the heels of last year's successful Prehistoric Predators series, and our new and improved season will utilize the latest CGI animation techniques. Again we will transport viewers back in time to experience a world where monstrous beasts with foot-long claws, 10-foot-long tusks and five-ton bodies stomped, roared and fought across terra firma. These prehistoric ancestors needed their weapons, shields and attitudes for something. Life was tough then, and these colossal creatures were masters of survival.

In addition to using high-energy CG animation to recreate nature's gigantic beasts, our cameras will zoom into active dig sites, museums and high-tech labs around the world....

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