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National Geographic


In each of the action packed hours, Gordon Buchanan is on a personal and dangerous mission to really investigate a maneater-an animal that has killed or even eaten a human. But as populations of the planet's apex predators decrease, the number of attacks on humans increases. Buchanan wants to go to the places where man still battles beast and put himself 'directly in the path' of a predator to find out. Episodes include Wolf Hunt, Lion Attack, Tiger at Large and Killer Leopards.


  • Man Eater Manhunt: Lion Attack
  • Man Eater Manhunt: Killer Leopards
    In Mumbai, where leopards live in close proximity to people, fatal attacks are common. Something is turning these animals into maneaters. Filmmaker Gordon Buchanan visits India to find the answer.
  • Man Eater Manhunt: Tiger At Large
  • Man Eater Manhunt: Wolf Hunt
    Wolf attacks on people are extremely rare; in the entire recorded history of North America there have been only two incidents where autopsy has confirmed wolf attacks as the cause of death1. For Gordon Buchanan, with years of experience encountering large predators in the wild, wolves have never been a cause for concern. However as he journeys to the remote and isolated community of Chignik, Alaska, where the second of these fatal encounters occurred, he wonders has he been naïve. Are some wolves man-eaters?Through his investigations in Alaska Gordon hopes to understand what may have lead to the death of Candice Berner. What caused the usually shy and wary wolves to come so close to a human settlement? In studying this case and others he hopes to learn why some wolves have become so aggressive that the state feels they have to be removed2. What makes the difference between a terrifyingbut ultimately harmless encounter with wolves,as experienced by one woman who Gordon meetson his investigation,3andthe one ending in the tragedy that befell Candice Berner?