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National Geographic


For millions of years humans were hunter gatherers. They didn't hunt for pleasure, they hunted for survival. They didn't study their quarry, they understood it. They didn't live off the natural world, they lived with it. There are only a few places in the world where this relationship still exists. Hayden Turner's goal is to find these places and learn from these hunters before their lifestyle and their knowledge disappears forever.  We're going hunting… tribal style. From the arid plains of Tanzania to the malaria-infested mountains of New Guinea; from the remote Spice Islands of Indonesia to the steamy jungles of the Amazon; and deep into the worlds dark heart, Central Africa.


  • Man Hunt: Sharp Tech Nomads
  • Man Hunt: Kill To Survive
    Adventurist Hayden Turner travels to Tanna, an island in the South Pacific Ocean, to learn the Namal's strategies developed over a thousand years, for hunting flying foxes, wild pig and eels.
  • Man Hunt: Death Blow
    Hayden learns the Jahai's survival strategies using their weapons, stealth and precision.
  • Man Hunt: Sharp Teeth Nomads
    Adventurist Hayden Turner travels to Cameroon to follow the Baka nomads and learn their strategies for survival that help them fearlessly take on some of the most dangerous animals in their forest.
  • Man Hunt: Kalahari Killers
    Hayden Turner travels to Namibia to hunt with the San Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert.
  • Man Hunt: Kalahar Killers
  • Man Hunt: Deadly Summer
    Which animal will he crown the number one venomous culprit in Australia? Come and join Dr Brady Barr and discover the most venomous creatures!
  • Man Hunt: Water Cannon On Wheels