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Badass animals reveals the animal underdogs with surprising ninja skills. These critters have attitude and will have a go at whoever gets in their way. From the mantis shrimp with a punch that can shatter glass and the most advanced eyes in the world, to the fearsome honey badger that takes down venomous snakes, if you bother these creatures you’ll soon know about it. Badass animals will surprise you with just how lethal they can be but they will also shock you with how much they don’t give a damn about what anyone or anything thinks. The animal world knows to leave them alone and because they’re pretty unassuming the human world often passes them by but we people cross them at our peril. Badass beaver can destroy your home if you’re down river of a dam burst, badass dino bird the cassowary will disembowel you with its dagger like claw if you get too close and the cute...
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