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    • No Escape show

      No Escape

      Join these people who survived their worst nightmares.

    • Terror Abroad show

      Terror Abroad

      These people will find out how an ordinary situation can become a hellish experience.

    • Caught in the Act show

      Caught in the Act

      Going for the easy pay day has these people facing the long arm of the law.

    • Tasting Freedom show

      Tasting Freedom

      See photos of the people who survived being locked up abroad.

    • Holiday Nightmare show

      Holiday Nightmare

      After poor decisions, a visit to a foreign country can turn into a nightmare.

    • Behind Bars show

      Behind Bars

      From counterfeit money to heroin stings these people landed behind bars abroad.

    • In Prison show

      In Prison

      Bootlegging wine and forbidden love will land you in jail in some parts of the world.