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    • Champion of the Hunt show

      Champion of the Hunt

      Boone Smith challenges the big cats to a hunt.

    • Tree top hunter show

      Tree top hunter

      A margay must navigate using all its senses to catch prey in the tree tops.

    • A Cheetah Brawl show

      A Cheetah Brawl

      Twin cheetahs are attacked by three bullying male cheetahs over prime hunting grounds.

    • Nimble Little Ones show

      Nimble Little Ones

      A lioness mother moves her cubs down to the river bed, despite their protests.

    • Scent of a Kill show

      Scent of a Kill

      Lions hide from their prey in the stormy winds.

    • Hiding Skills show

      Hiding Skills

      Kumal must learn how to hunt, and hide from his prey.

    • Crucial Timing show

      Crucial Timing

      Three mother lionesses skillfully track a giraffe during a hunt.