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  • Mongolian Death Worm show

    Mongolian Death Worm

    This freakish creature is said to spray acid, send out electric shocks and explode when threatened.

  • Montauk Monster show

    Montauk Monster

    A strange alien-like creature, a lion having a fatal seizure, and a mysterious crime.

  • Texas Monster Web show

    Texas Monster Web

    A park ranger discovers a giant web that looks like it has engulfed the forest. What creature built it?

  • Lion Ranger show

    Lion Ranger

    Flick through our selection of images that show the unique bond Kevin Richardson shares with a selection of big cats.

  • Freaky Animals show

    Freaky Animals

    In the animal kingdom, there's no shortage of bizarre behaviour. Take a look at some real freaky images of some weird and...

  • Stay Weird show

    Stay Weird

    Take a look at some of the weirdest animals in the world.

  • Crocodile Ambush show

    Crocodile Ambush

    Crocodile Ambush

  • Bear Battleground show

    Bear Battleground

    Bear Battleground

  • Pirate City show

    Pirate City

    With CGI artwork and reenactments see how this pirate city may have looked like hundreds of years ago.

  • Behind the Scenes show

    Behind the Scenes

    See how scientists searched the Caribbean for ruins, and meet the characters of Wicked Pirate City.

  • Meet the Experts show

    Meet the Experts

    Top scientists and military strategists predict the impact that contact with an advanced alien race could have.

  • Fire And Ice show

    Fire And Ice

    Professor Nick Eyles examines layers of earth and reveals the geologic journey that has shaped the planet.

  • Violent Pacific show

    Violent Pacific

    From Alaska to California to Chile, Professor Nick Eyles studies how life along the two continents’ coastlines are under threat.

  • Tiger Man show

    Tiger Man

    John Varty is the Tiger Man. A South African conservationist and filmmaker, he specializes in big cats.

  • The Hunt show

    The Hunt

    Explorer Gerry Moffat has heard tales of the abominable snowman- now it's time to find out the truth.

  • Reenactments show


    Actors reenact the life of Templars before the siege that may have led to their demise.

  • Giant Swamp Rats show

    Giant Swamp Rats

    Giant Swamp Rats

  • Ancient Robbers show

    Ancient Robbers

    Join the modern-day detectives investigating this dastardly ancient case.

  • The Anchor show

    The Anchor

    Traditional techniques were used to build an anchor and chains.

  • The Smoking Room show

    The Smoking Room

    The team works to craft stained glass and furniture for Titanic’s smoking room.