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  • Alaska Landscape show

    Alaska Landscape

    See photos of Alaskan Bush pilots and the landscapes they fly above.

  • The Hunt show

    The Hunt

    Explorer Gerry Moffat has heard tales of the abominable snowman- now it's time to find out the truth.

  • Reenactments show


    Actors reenact the life of Templars before the siege that may have led to their demise.

  • Repelling Into A Volcano show

    Repelling Into A Volcano

    A team of explorers descend into the Thrinukagigur crater to study the inner workings of Icelandic volcanoes.

  • Cocaine Hippos show

    Cocaine Hippos

    Cocaine Hippos.

  • Plague, Rampage & Killers! show

    Plague, Rampage & Killers!

    Meet the creatures that are causing a wild threat to us humans!

  • The Next Day show

    The Next Day

    Photo gallery from Hiroshima: Nuclear Apocalypse.

  • Canine Slayers show

    Canine Slayers

    What caused these timid beasts to savage a human being?

  • The Anchor show

    The Anchor

    Traditional techniques were used to build an anchor and chains.

  • Deadly Snakes show

    Deadly Snakes

    Some of these deadly snakes can grow over 10 metres long.

  • Wolf to Dog show

    Wolf to Dog

    This is the story of how wolves and humans forged a bond that changed them, us, and the world forever.

  • Surviving Disaster show

    Surviving Disaster

    Witnesses recount the day Mother Nature changed their lives.

  • Mega-disaster show


    Where do you think Mother Nature will strike next?

  • Stalking Lions show

    Stalking Lions

    Geared up in the Serengeti, Andy tries to get up close and personal with the lions.

  • Diving with Great White Sharks show

    Diving with Great White Sharks

    Andy's greatest adventure yields many gorgeous underwater photography shots.

  • Beneath the Waves show

    Beneath the Waves

    Dive beneath the waves and check out some truely amazing images snapped during the filming of Desert Seas.

  • Devastating Day show

    Devastating Day

    Smoke and ash cover New York City on a devastating day that will not soon be forgotten.

  • The Faces Behind 9/11 show

    The Faces Behind 9/11

    See the faces of the infamous men behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Kill To Survive show

    Kill To Survive

    The Namal people seek powers from a volcano before they go hunting.

  • Kalahari Killers show

    Kalahari Killers

    Hayden's dream comes true when he has the chance to follow the San Bushmen.