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  • Mongolian Death Worm show

    Mongolian Death Worm

    This freakish creature is said to spray acid, send out electric shocks and explode when threatened.

  • Ape Man of Sumatra show

    Ape Man of Sumatra

    Spain’s assignment is to find out whether a new great ape is waiting to be discovered.

  • Amazon Nightmare show

    Amazon Nightmare

    A distinct animal call in the dark of the Amazon energizes Pat’s investigation.

  • Alien Squid Invasion show

    Alien Squid Invasion

    A voracious monster, invading mice and drown wildebeests on a scale never witnessed before.

  • Bird-Eating Catfish show

    Bird-Eating Catfish

    Pigeons ambushed by a monster, dead sea turtles, and kangaroos crashing into shop windows.

  • Lion Ranger show

    Lion Ranger

    Flick through our selection of images that show the unique bond Kevin Richardson shares with a selection of big cats.

  • British X-Files show

    British X-Files

    Discover the surprising number of UFO sightings in the UK!

  • Shark Swarm show

    Shark Swarm

    Shark Swarm

  • Crocodile Ambush show

    Crocodile Ambush

    Crocodile Ambush

  • Bear Battleground show

    Bear Battleground

    Bear Battleground

  • Close Ups show

    Close Ups

    Get a unique perspective with these up-close photographs of some of the world’s most dangerous creatures.

  • Behind the Scenes show

    Behind the Scenes

    See how far some cameramen will go to capture jaw-dropping photographs of wildlife in action.

  • Spectacular Imagery show

    Spectacular Imagery

    See spectacular scenes from the field caught on camera.

  • Pirate City show

    Pirate City

    With CGI artwork and reenactments see how this pirate city may have looked like hundreds of years ago.

  • Travel To Area 51 show

    Travel To Area 51

    See photos from behind restricted lines at one of the world’s most mysterious sites.

  • Attack From Above show

    Attack From Above

    Check out CGI photos of what it could look like if Earth is attacked by alien spacecrafts.

  • Fall Of Asia show

    Fall Of Asia

    Explore Asia’s collision zone where Indonesia’s fiery volcanoes are at one end and the massive Himalayas at the other.

  • Fire And Ice show

    Fire And Ice

    Professor Nick Eyles examines layers of earth and reveals the geologic journey that has shaped the planet.

  • Medical Marvels show

    Medical Marvels

    Some animals have helped their human companions with various medical conditions.

  • Border Hounds show

    Border Hounds

    The dogs of the U.S. Customs and Border Protection team are vital in the battle to keep America safe.