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  • War Heroes show

    War Heroes

    Dan Cruickshank travels by rail to the frontlines of the First and Second World Wars.

  • Brilliant Brunel show

    Brilliant Brunel

    We celebrate one of Britain's most ingenious and prolific engineers - Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

  • Steam Revolution show

    Steam Revolution

    Dan Cruickshank travels back to the dawn of the first regular steam service.

  • Behind the scenes! show

    Behind the scenes!

    Go behind the scenes with our selection of images taken during the filming of Great Railway Adventures with Dan Cruickshank.

  • Book of Exodus show

    Book of Exodus

    Could an environmental catastrophe and a volcanic eruption hundreds of miles away really have led to one of the Bible's...

  • UK's toughest cities show

    UK's toughest cities

    Take a trip to Glasgow Britain's deadliest city, the darkside of Liverpool and Manchester, aka 'Gunchester'.

  • Real Old Bill show

    Real Old Bill

    Real Old Bill

  • Underwater quest show

    Underwater quest

    Dr Robert Ballard embarks on a new underwater quest.

  • Underwater life show

    Underwater life

    Marine species near the coast of South Africa.

  • Shark Eden show

    Shark Eden

    Sharks reign in the southern Line Islands

  • Inside the blue hole with Kenny Broad show

    Inside the blue hole with Kenny Broad

    Inside the blue hole with Kenny Broad from Diving the labyrinth

  • The Finder & the Hoard show

    The Finder & the Hoard

    See the hoard found by metal detecting enthusiast Terry Herbert.

  • Battlefield booty? show

    Battlefield booty?

    Could the treasure be battlefield booty?

  • Secrets of Saxon Gold show

    Secrets of Saxon Gold

    Only four Saxon helmets have ever been found in England, this discovery was the fifth.

  • Saxon Artifacts show

    Saxon Artifacts

    Explore the hoard of lost treasures of the dark ages.

  • Alien Wind show

    Alien Wind

    Imagine winds that travel at nearly 17 times the speed of sound, generating a killer shockwave that vaporises everything in...

  • Cosmic Fire show

    Cosmic Fire

    The skies across the planet glow with incredible brilliance. Stunning auroras are recorded as far south as Cairo, Mexico City...

  • Deadly Dust show

    Deadly Dust

    In the distance you see a breathtaking wall of peach-coloured dust. As it gets closer, you are pricked by billions of tiny...

  • The Pride show

    The Pride

    The Pack examines the hunting techniques used by lions in order to survive the Singita Game Reserve in South Africa.