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  • Under Siege show

    Under Siege

    Under Siege

  • Night Shift show

    Night Shift

    Night Shift

  • Cruise Ship Diaries show

    Cruise Ship Diaries

    Cruise Ship Diaries

  • Drug subs show

    Drug subs

    South American drug lords have gone beneath the waves in mini submarines, hand-built in the Colombian jungle.

  • Best Friends For Ever show

    Best Friends For Ever

    Because it doesn’t matter if your best friend is from another species. These animals prove that the friendship is over any...

  • NY Subway show

    NY Subway

    From Brazil to New York - witness the creation of the car that literally moves millions.

  • Eurofighter show


    The Eurofighter is the result of a truly European collaboration.

  • Ask the experts show

    Ask the experts

    Ask the experts

  • Book of Exodus show

    Book of Exodus

    Could an environmental catastrophe and a volcanic eruption hundreds of miles away really have led to one of the Bible's...

  • Underwater life show

    Underwater life

    Marine species near the coast of South Africa.

  • The Finder & the Hoard show

    The Finder & the Hoard

    See the hoard found by metal detecting enthusiast Terry Herbert.

  • A second chance show

    A second chance

    Meet some of the playful characters featured in Monkey Life.

  • Top secret weapon show

    Top secret weapon

    Top secret weapon

  • Drug Bust show

    Drug Bust

    Drug Bust highlights the problems alcohol and drugs play on a remote town in western Alaska.

  • Ice Patrol show

    Ice Patrol

    Some call it Alaska's version of spring break -- the annual Arctic Man Ski and Sno-Go Classic. For four days, the remote...

  • Volcanic Distruption show

    Volcanic Distruption

    Take an inside look at the massive volcano eruption in Iceland that affected global air traffic and caused extensive...

  • Johannesburg show


    Don’t Tell My Mother…That I am in Johannesburg

  • São Paulo show

    São Paulo

    Don’t Tell My Mother…That I am in São Paulo

  • Dangerous Confrontations show

    Dangerous Confrontations

    Find out some of the most vivid, disturbing and remarkable wildlife moments.

  • Big Cats show

    Big Cats

    These felines are not always the righteous “monarchs” they might seem to be.