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  • Dramatic Landscapes show

    Dramatic Landscapes

    See the epic landscapes that cameramen caught on film.

  • Nature's Detectives show

    Nature's Detectives

    This team of investigators attempt to crack cases caused by wildlife.

  • Medical Marijuana show

    Medical Marijuana

    A small Colorado town must decide whether or not to legalize a budding industry.

  • Reeling 'Em In show

    Reeling 'Em In

    Fishermen fight with nothing but rods and reels to catch a mighty bluefin tuna.

  • Bounty Hunter Crew show

    Bounty Hunter Crew

    Bill and Donna Monte have been married for over 30 years, and have been chasing bluefin together since 1979.

  • Odysea Crew show

    Odysea Crew

    The smallest of all five boats, the Odysea is captained by Ralph Wilkins, who happens to be best friends with Bill Monte,...

  • Toughest Fishermen show

    Toughest Fishermen

    Under the harshest weather conditions, these men will fight for getting the better fishing at the end of the day.

  • Third Reich Secrets show

    Third Reich Secrets

    Get ready to be surprised as this series explores some Nazi mysteries, including Hitler’s family secrets, women and his...

  • Deadly Attack show

    Deadly Attack

    As the dust settles on this dark chapter in Norway’s history, explore the uncomfortable truths behind Breivik’s massacre...

  • Dive To Answer show

    Dive To Answer

    There isn’t much time left to find out what happened. Join the expedition as they dive to answer: what really happened to...

  • Sky High show

    Sky High

    Iron workers risked their lives building in the sky without helmets or safety lines.

  • Tower One show

    Tower One

    New Yorkers rebuild the fallen tower and make it as strong as a fortress.

  • Living in a Cult show

    Living in a Cult

    Cult followers live in deception, fear and under mind control.

  • The Odd Ones show

    The Odd Ones

    Take a look at some of nature’s curious looking creatures.

  • Doomsdayers 2012 Gallery show

    Doomsdayers 2012 Gallery

    This group of people is preparing itself to be self-sufficient from outside sources.

  • Who Owns The Bahia? show

    Who Owns The Bahia?

    A whopping eight individuals laid claim to the Bahia when it reached the California judicial system. All parties have...

  • Gallery 1 show

    Gallery 1

  • Extreme Narco show

    Extreme Narco

    See symbols of Narco wealth and extravagance, and cruelty and violence.

  • Family Time show

    Family Time

    What's it like to be part of such a big family?

  • Recreating History show

    Recreating History

    What really happened on that fateful plane journey?