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  • Lion Stalker show

    Lion Stalker

    Killer 'lion stalker' shots.

  • Polar Bear show

    Polar Bear

    Tracking the ghost bear photos with the Killer Shot photographers.

  • Polar Bear Look-Out show

    Polar Bear Look-Out

    Andy searches for clues from above as he tracks the path of the polar bear.

  • Killer Landscapes show

    Killer Landscapes

    Get a taste of the incredible landscapes Andy sees when he’s shooting out in the field.

  • Diving with Great White Sharks show

    Diving with Great White Sharks

    Andy's greatest adventure yields many gorgeous underwater photography shots.

  • Water Beauties show

    Water Beauties

    See spectacular images of the underwater creatures that feature in Desert Seas.

  • Devastating Day show

    Devastating Day

    Smoke and ash cover New York City on a devastating day that will not soon be forgotten.

  • The Faces Behind 9/11 show

    The Faces Behind 9/11

    See the faces of the infamous men behind the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

  • Jaw-dropping Experiments show

    Jaw-dropping Experiments

    Jason Silva and his team will astonish and amaze audiences with more impressive games.

  • Kill To Survive show

    Kill To Survive

    The Namal people seek powers from a volcano before they go hunting.

  • Surrogate Mother? show

    Surrogate Mother?

    The natural world is a brutal environment - see the extraordinary story when a lioness saves a wildebeest from a hoarde of...

  • George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview show

    George W. Bush: The 9/11 Interview

    For the first time, former President George W. Bush reveals insights and his personal 9/11 experience.

  • Discover the Great Wall show

    Discover the Great Wall

    Beyond the tourist packed areas of China’s most popular attraction are rarely seen traces of the Great Wall.

  • Car Collisions show

    Car Collisions

    Enter the world of crash test investigations.

  • Under Water show

    Under Water

    From kayaking accidents to mighty powerful waves they survived underwater.

  • Spider Terror show

    Spider Terror

    Go on an adventure in search of a giant eight-legged monster that's been terrorising local villages in the Amazon rainforest.

  • Blood Sucking Bats show

    Blood Sucking Bats

    This bat is said to leave it's victims lying in a pool of blood.

  • Flesh Hungry Lizard show

    Flesh Hungry Lizard

    These real-life dragons are believed to be responsible for savage attacks on livestock and children!

  • Mysterious Creatures show

    Mysterious Creatures

    Richard Terry investigates cryptic wildlife legends.

  • Who Did It? show

    Who Did It?

    Mob experts and the son of Al Capone's business associate re-examine the evidence of the St Valentine's Day Massacre.