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  • Ghosts Behind Bars show

    Ghosts Behind Bars

    In Eastern State Penitentiary, in the U.S., a team of engineers will hunt for ghosts in one of the most haunted prisons.

  • UFO Invasion show

    UFO Invasion

    Rocket scientists, theoretical physicists and engineers will use their expertise and cutting edge equipment to solve the...

  • Blood Rain and Star Jelly show

    Blood Rain and Star Jelly

    For decades, people have reported blood-colored rain and gelatinous substances falling from the sky. Scientists gather and...

  • Ghost Lights show

    Ghost Lights

    From the deserts of Texas to the valleys of Norway, strange orbs of light appear without warning or explanation in the night...

  • Mysterious Events show

    Mysterious Events

    See more photos of these paranatural mysteries.

  • Ancient Chinese Tombs show

    Ancient Chinese Tombs

    Their over 2,000 years old - in this programme go inside ancient Chinese tombs to meet this nation's most important figureheads.

  • The human cost of victory show

    The human cost of victory

    The bombing campaign of Germany by British and American allies resulted in thousands of civilian fatalities. This film...

  • Smallest birds show

    Smallest birds

    Life of Hummingbirds images on Nat Geo WILD.

  • Lava Hunter show

    Lava Hunter

    Enjoy a spectacular vision, when Lava and water melt into one.

  • War Zone show

    War Zone

    To take photography of the beauty of peace, it is necessary to be in war zones.

  • Redwood show


    Nick Nichols has faced some of the most difficult and dangerous shooting conditions possible. Find out what it´s about.

  • Wrecks to Reefs show

    Wrecks to Reefs

    Take a look at a complete photo shoot 30 meters below the ocean surface. Spectacular!

  • Lightning show


    Tim and Carsten decide to capture a perfect photo of an electrical strike. Can they do it?

  • Killer Current show

    Killer Current

    See the amazing photos taken in one of the most remote places on earth.

  • Pakistan show


    Revealed! The true face of Pakistan

  • Pollinators show


    Mark Moffett places Pollinators under the lens to show people the subtle interplay between these sometimes rare creatures

  • Secret Voices show

    Secret Voices

    Join a group of photographers to capture the essence of cultures and languages in photos.

  • Rio Exposed show

    Rio Exposed

    David Alan Harvey’s latest mission is to capture a beautiful, vibrant and dangerous city through photography. Will he be...

  • The Shot show

    The Shot

    Urban spaces to volcanoes, bees to owls, war-torn countries to dying languages. Photography follows curiosity.

  • The Photographer show

    The Photographer

    The faces behind the camera: these guys all know how close you have to get if you really want the best shot.