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  • American Soldiers Abroad show

    American Soldiers Abroad

    Meet the brave American soldiers who are stationed in Afghanistan.

  • 9/11 Surfer show

    9/11 Surfer

    A look back at memorable moments of a truly remarkable and fortunate person.

  • Swarms of Jellyfish show

    Swarms of Jellyfish

    Japan is swarmed with monster Nomura jellyfish.

  • Zeb Hogan and Crew show

    Zeb Hogan and Crew

    Zeb Hogan and the various people he has worked, travelled and bonded with during his adventures.

  • Nightmare Fish show

    Nightmare Fish

    Check out these monsters of the waters.

  • Super Cat’s Up Close show

    Super Cat’s Up Close

    Tiger, lions and cheetahs are just some of the wild cats these people are working with.

  • Swampland Creatures show

    Swampland Creatures

    Up close and personal with some of the cutest and most dangerous creatures in the swamplands.

  • Panda Action show

    Panda Action

    Pandas of all sizes captured sleeping, playing and eating.

  • Extreme Hobbyists show

    Extreme Hobbyists

    Check out the men behind the over-the-top collections of figurines and baseball memorabilia.

  • Mafia Business show

    Mafia Business

    Dramatically re-enacted moments of the American mobster lifestyle from the 1970’s.

  • Mobsters and Police show

    Mobsters and Police

    Black and white images of 1970’s mobsters and the police who pursued them.

  • Kennedys and Oswalds show

    Kennedys and Oswalds

    Check out these images of the Kennedys and the Oswalds from Killing Kennedy.

  • Meet the Prospectors show

    Meet the Prospectors

    The men and women who spend their days prospecting high up in the mountains searching for gems.

  • Animal Battles show

    Animal Battles

    Huge claws, razor sharp teeth and massive antlers are just some of the weapons these animals use in battle.

  • Getting Prepped show

    Getting Prepped

    The Brunses family are tested both in their commitment to building the castle and their ability to survive.

  • Kennedy History show

    Kennedy History

    A look at the history surrounding one of America’s darkest moments in politics.

  • Historical Kennedy Moments show

    Historical Kennedy Moments

    Real life images captured of President Kennedy and Jacqueline Kennedy meeting the public.

  • Famous Kennedy Moments show

    Famous Kennedy Moments

    Recreated images of key moments that shaped Kennedy into becoming America’s most popular modern president.

  • Wingsuit Flight show

    Wingsuit Flight

    Jeb Corliss jumps and soars through the sky in China on his attempt to fly through a mountain cave called Heaven’s Gate.

  • Penguins Marching show

    Penguins Marching

    Beautiful images are captured of the penguins as they move between locations within Orlando’s Sea World.